First Footage of Dragon Quest VIII on Mobile

The first eight titles in the long-running Dragon Quest series are coming to mobile devices throughout Japan. Here is the first footage of Dragon Quest VIII running on a mobile.

A western launch is yet to be confirmed.

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Enemy1807d ago

Looks like it's running at 15 fps, lol.

Endless_X1807d ago

It's probably not optimized yet.

knifefight1806d ago

And when he's on the world map, I can't even see the character because the player's effing finger is in the way. I guess you could say he's giving me the finger. >_<

So yeah, not sold on this. Not at all.

3-4-51806d ago

Seriously WTF.

Why isn't this on 3DS or Vita?

DQ 8 on ios - sales = 20,000 copies

DQ 8 on Vita & 3DS - sales = 3,000,000 copies

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Melankolis1806d ago

So uncomfortable playing it on cellphone. When will i get DQVIII HD on PS3???