Does Xbox One need Kinect?

A little over a month of the launch of the new Xbox One, his arrival in Portugal is not the only question that continues to haunt the minds of players who have shown interest in purchasing the new home console from Microsoft.

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Excalibur1407d ago

No, and most people don't want it.

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sigfredod1407d ago

Of couse no, is just a gimmick that should be optional to the gamers

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BobBelcher1407d ago

It's a gimmick like the touchpad and vibrational controllers... "Need?" No. But it's useful...

Like the touchpad and vibration in controllers.

christocolus1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

i dont know about others but i know i want it....i certainly do. :)

ZHZ901407d ago

Anti-Consumer, what else can I say.

n4rc1407d ago

Your opinion is anti-consumer by definition..

Let people make up their own minds about what they want and not try to force your choice on them..

Playstation isn't a religion that needs to convert people door to door

ZHZ901407d ago

You think I am PS fanboy?(While you act like Xbox Worshipper)

What I said is a fact, MS could've better chance to at least be tie with PS4, and won at least in USA but with their Kinect it's over.

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