Xbox One & PS4: Do realistic graphics really matter that much?

Sam Hewitt of Level Complete is getting sick and tired of gamers arguing over which console has the best graphics. Shouldn't they be arguing over which has the best GAMES?

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lastofgen1803d ago

In some instances, they do help, but I mostly just want a game with a great, unique art-style, good replay value, solid controls, and a nice story (if it's that sort of a game).
Honestly, I don't care much for realism in games (unless it's a game about realism, of course).

Campy da Camper1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Agreed + bub for well said. I'd like to ad that "realism" doesn't necessarily mean good graphics. How can dark souls look real? Dragons and minotars are not real. Its how they are represented: the character model movement, the reactions to the player, the imagination of the artists.

I've seen monsters drawn in fine detail and lots of lines but look plain dumb. I've seen creatures in two tones of grey that scared the bejesus out of me.

Sure, lots of pixels add to the overall feel but give me a great artist, butter smooth frame rate and fluid character movement with addictive action over picture perfect backgrounds any day.

Thehyph1802d ago


However, on PC, emphasis is placed on graphics and physics by many directions because Intel, AMD/ATI, and nVidia all constantly have cutting edge chips that they're trying to move.

ForgivenZombie1801d ago

I agree, graphics are nice but not the main ingredient of a game. I have played some of the most beautiful games that really sucked and I didn't want to play it no matter how good it looked. IMO gameplay first, graphics second. I would rather have an immersive story than top of the line graphics.

ILive1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I know that this not what the article is talking about, but I believe that graphics do matter. They do not matter in all types of games, but they do matter. I think we have been spoiled by some games that combine both gameplay, graphics, and sometimes story perfectly to set standards for how many Triple A titles should be madre.

Do i really want to play a game that look like a ps1, ps2, and some early ps3 games even if they had "great gameplay"? Not really. However, I would play a game with decent graphics, like sleeping dogs, on current gen consoles. Would I have played a game like Last of Us if it had sleeping dog type graphics with muddy textures, given its linear? Heeeelll NO! Part of what made last of us so special are the amazing graphics, which increased the level of immersion and how effective the gameplay became.

lastofgen1802d ago

I get what you're getting at. I don't mind graphical progression to a better standard over generations, but I don't necessarily require or want games that sport ultra-realism in visuals.
In some games (bf, cod, etc.), sure, it makes sense. But realistic visuals in other games may not make sense to implement.

GribbleGrunger1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Realistic graphics don't matter. What matters is next gen technology like sub-surface scattering, soft body physics and volumetric lighting. Yes we have 'some' of that already, but next gen means applying those techniques to EVERYTHING. That's why power is important regardless of whether developers aim for realism or not. I fear that some people are already being fooled by two numbers: 1080p/60fps. What you have there is basically HD versions of current gen games.

Beastforlifenoob1803d ago

GRAPHICS are important why do people keep dismissing it.

Its like having a movie with a great plot but shit ass actors=shit movie.

Movie with decent story but great actors=Good movie.


cpayne931802d ago

Uh, wat. That's a horrible analogy. Games like Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, and Metal Gear Solid might have shit graphics by today's standards, but they remain amazing games nonetheless.

KonsoruMasuta1802d ago

Graphics don'tNV

There are plenty of well received games that aren't all about graphics.

The Walking Dead

The Elders Scrolls: Skyrim

The Fallout games

The Saints Row games


Graphics aren't needed. Good graphics are nice to have, but they're not needed.

pyramidshead1803d ago

I think it's fair to say that graphics do matter to a certain degree at least for a selling point. For a new machine, especially a consecutive product(like going from 3 to 4), you are going to want it to do a lot more than the current machine you own. I wouldn't say LIFE LIKE graphics matter, surely PC is the only one that will get close to that, but at least be a big improvement over previous games at a bare minimum.

Ashlen1802d ago

My opinion is for individual games not at all.

Mario and Zelda on NES are still as fun as they were when they came out.

But in the context of a next generation console, yes.

People want there to be an improvement over the previous generation. Graphics have always been the main improvement of every generation over the last.

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