Project CARS Trailer Shows Maxed Out Gameplay At 1440p

Gaming Blend "It's already been established that at this point we won't be getting true next-generation visuals from the PS4 or Xbox One that comes anywhere near what many PC games are capable of doing. That last statement is made even more apparent when trailers for Project CARS are released that showcases the game in all its 1440p glory."

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kenmid1687d ago

AMAZING, My geforce gtx 780 is ready...

ape0071687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

disagreers want u to downgrade to ps4/X1

have fun man

LOL_WUT1687d ago

Or a Wii U since it's coming out for that system too but I agree have fun! ;)

lilbroRx1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Wow, lol_wut. I've never seen someone so bitter at Nintendo that you have to drag a console you hate into a conversation just to throw mud at it.

Ideally, if I wasn't getting the PC version I would get the Wii U version solely for the game pad support.

PC version owns everything though, expecially your PS4. We rule this place. go back to waiting for your games that fail to live up to all of your hype. (900p, lol, what?!)

I love gaming at resolutions over 2k.

Rivitur1687d ago

Waiting for how the 360/PS3 version of the game looks and remember they still haven't confirmed next Gen release.

Zebaz081687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

lilbroRX, so PC version owns everything , but especially PS4, How is that truth when there's no PS4 version? you idiot. And even if there was one the WiiU would be inferior technically.Have fun playing with your PC while i keep my exclusive PS games .

dantesparda1687d ago

So libroRX reprimands lol_wuts for "dragging" a console that lol_wut supposedly hates (according to libro) into a conversation "just to throw mud at it" and then in the same breath continues to drag a console he seems to hate just to throw mud at it. Oh the hypocrisy/ You fanboys are the best let me tell you

MRMagoo1231687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


How on earth you managed to take a comment about a Wiiu and then make it seem like he was talking about ps4 is beyond the comprehension of anyone on the planet, It is obvious you are bitter towards PS4 for some reason but maybe leave that for the therapist k.

OT looks good and hey look forza guys thats what weather looks like in a car game lol.

mewhy321686d ago

I wonder what this will look like running in 900p?
Of course I'll be playing it in 1080p on my PS4.

Chrischi19881686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )


Man, this shows how offended you are for a console^^ Instead of calling others being idiots, you should try and get a life. If it were coming to PS4, it would still be inferior to a PC, live with it, it is how it is. You PS4 fans always make fun of the performance of the Wii U, we point out PC is way more powerful, you are offended as hell, but you do the same thing^^

And your beloved PS exclusives are a mere joke, if you compare it to the PC exclusives you are missing out^^


You simply cant let it be, probably the most immature around here, even though some may take his first place.


Actually he didnt drag it in, because the word PS4 was already mentioned in this conversation and he used it again, Lol_Wut on the other hand, couldnt take it and had to drag the Wii U into this discussion. You guys go around this board, always troll on others consoles articles, but be offended, when someone shows you, there is actually an even better way, especially since you guys always, I repead, ALWAYS complain about the other console, just because of the inferior hardware, that is basically your only argument against the other consoles, but that argument looks really dumb in front of PCs and you guys cant take that simple fact.

boneso821686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

@lilbrorx and chrischi1988

The two best games (as in received the highest acclaim and review scores within the gaming industry) this year are "the last of us" and "grand theft auto 5", its reasons, like these 2 games as examples, why people game on consoles. Not to mention the entry fee.

I have enjoyed both games very much and they both ran beautifully on my PS3, Have you played either of those on your PC? Oh... Wait...

The PS3 is 8 year old hardware, it has 512mb of RAM, there is no PC on earth with 512mb of RAM and an eight year old processor that could run either of these games. You need to stop comparing consoles and PC's, they are not the same.

You carry on with your PC pal comparing resolution differences between between your PC abilities with all your PC buddy's... "Hey I just got a new $400 GPU, now bioshock infinite runs at 65fps instead of 62fps"

I can sum up in 2 words why people choose consoles over PC's: Value, exclusives!

Also how exactly do you suppose anyone games in their living room, in front of their tv (a lot of people don't like to sit at a desk), on PC or console and enjoy games at anything higher than 1080p when that is all most tv's support? Then again knowing you and your uber powerful uber expensive PC you probably own a $10,000 4k TV too. If not, why not? Surely that would be the ultimate gaming experience? Affordability right? RIGHT!

Nes_Daze1686d ago

Not a downgrade for me, cheaper console, more organized community, free games here and there, great exclusives, to each his own bud, stop worrying about what your overpriced computer has over other consoles.

boneso821686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )


You mean downgrade to using a HDTV as opposed to a PC monitor. What's the point of PS4/X1 games running at a higher res than 1080p (not saying they could or couldn't) when most people don't own a TV that could display 1440p or higher?

Unless people have a spare £10,000 to buy a 4k TV this resolution argument against console gaming is completely irrelevant.

If you can find me a 60" TV or PC monitor that can display 1440p or higher resolutions for under £1200 (what my 60" plasma was), oh and a PC capable of running battlefield 4 at mid to high settings @ 60fps for under £349, then this whole article (including your comment) might make sense.

Mad Aizen1686d ago

Beautiful title but it's still GT6 for me on the PS3 and GT7 on the PS4. I'm sure you will enjoy this game if your heart is set on it though.

RankFTW1686d ago

It's great owning a gaming PC and Wii U with the PS4 and Xbone joing them soon.

Consoldtobots1686d ago

PC enthusiasts are like the strange out of the way bike clubs that no one cares about. WE GET IT, your rig is so powerful it can play games that haven't been developed yet. /s

give it a rest already.

AKR1686d ago

"The PS3 is 8 year old hardware, it has 512mb of RAM, there is no PC on earth with 512mb of RAM and an eight year old processor that could run either of these games. You need to stop comparing consoles and PC's, they are not the same."

...Man, I had to bubble you up for this. I had to re-read it like 3 times, and each time, I just kept repeating: "You know...He's right!"

"Well Said", indeed.

360ICE1686d ago

Most games on console are actually not hyped by their resolution. One of the reasons I like owning a console.

Zebaz081686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

chrischi 1988, so why is my post incorrect? he said that the PC version owned everything especially the PS4 one, how is that possible when:
1. there is no fucking ps4 version
2. if there was then the "especially" part would be incorrect because the worst version wouldnt be the ps4 version.It would probably be the WiiU one.

ps exclusives mere jokes? xD what about TLOU? Ni no Kuni? Pupeeter? GT6? Beyond? Sly 4? and that is just this year.Come on, pc games may haver better graphics but PS exclusives are better than most pc exclusives in every other way , you are either blind or way too stupid not to see this.

ForgivenZombie1686d ago

It doesn't matter, if it comes to PS4 or Xbone it'll be nice on the consoles, if you prefer pc it will be nice to. We are all gamers, some prefer pc, others consoles. No matter how you play your games, it will be fun. We all shouldn't hate because someone has a different opinion than we do. Enjoy your game in your preferred way.

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Lior1687d ago

Gtx 680 SLI with asus 1440p 27inch screen can't wait, any early access?

camel_toad1687d ago

That's weak sauce. You need a pentium!

2pacalypsenow1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

GTX 670 Sli with Sony 55" 4k

cyguration1687d ago

If you pledge some money you can get early access I think.

1687d ago
SniperControl1686d ago

This game is bloody amazing on my overclocked GTX670 SLI setup. Looks amazing on my 60" Sammy, only at 1080p though, but that does not bother me much.

boneso821686d ago


PS exclusives are a joke compared to PC exclusives? Really?

Have you played the 2 highest rated games this year, the last of us and grand theft auto 5? I have, they are amazing games! Oh you haven't? There's a shame now... Off you pop, back to a river in Egypt...

pete0071686d ago

well, glad you mention those two best rated games of the year cause i went at my nephew,s and i gave him my ps3 2 years ago and i saw those games running. guess what! for my standings all i saw were squares on screen, we cant argue the art direction that is stunning, but technically, its a must only for console standards, for a pc gamer its a low score game that didnt even deserve to come out on owr platform. i know gta5 will come but i can assure you itl have nothing to do with the ps3 version just like gta4. even the ps4 games wont compare to pc and i heard ps4 was next...cof,cof gen

NarooN1686d ago

640x480, Voodoo 2 GPU, Pentium III, 12MB RAM -- Get at me bro.

specialguest1686d ago


voodoo2 was amazing card back in the day, introducing sli config. ISome people were able to run doom3 with 2 voodoo2 cards at 800x600 res!

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ATi_Elite1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

My GTX 660ti SLi and HD7970GE CFX gpu's have already tasted the Glory of Project Cars Alpha and the game just keeps getting better.

Physics are phenomenal and the wrecks are outstanding which really put Pcars over the top along with the eye burning graphics.

Best Racer there is EVER!

redwin1686d ago

I like car racing games but wasn't most of this trailer a CG movie? When you play you don't get to see your car with all those cinematic views only after the game is over. Regardless, the in the car view with the rain looks great. I wonder if they downgrade it for the XB1. If it's an online only game it could work. I don't have a gaming PC.

pete0071686d ago

been playint pcars since the beginning, im a junior member, i put 35euros and have the right to a monthly build, my rig its a dual gtx680/core i7 4ghz and with the sli tweak i manage to lock 60 fps, all maxed out, of course fxaa, but on hi!!
on races against 20 cars, and even on rain/storm, i can assure you all video is ingame, as i can have access to all cameras even on race time. i even share some videos on facebook and youtube so this game will be fantastic. btw, theyll release on consoles to finish financing and make some money out of it.

thisismyaccount1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Technically a "masterpiece", looks clean and sharp at 1440p. Well.. tbh every game does at that many pixel per inch.

Aesthetically though, it´s utter garbage. Hence why PC games tend to look more like "games" and console games -developer- are more into getting the cinematic experience.

This .gif via NeoGaf is over 6 years old and beat´s the crap out of this game (visually, aesthetically ) easily.

This one is from GT5, great look, nearly realistic until both cars enter the corner (blue car looks unrealistic, too shiny).

And finally another GT5 .gif
proving that, you should put some emphasis on more than just adding higher reso. textures and what not...; (i know, reduced gif size = higher IQ..)

anyway this and the first (360 dev-kit PGR?) .gif show how bad PC Cars actually really looks like. Those debug-shots from dsogaming.... yeah, im still waiting to see that level of detail and visual fidelity on any video from the pcars community.

duplissi1687d ago

Keep on thinking that. Love the sweeping generalization you've got going there.

ChickeyCantor1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

oeeeh nice. Desaturated gifs and overall loss of quality hiding details.

Sure is biased around here.

Gamingisfornerds1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I think thisismyaccount makes an excellent point.

PC Elitists (not calling all PC gamers elitists, mind you) only really care about how high res and sharp everything is. But sharp does not equal an aesthetically pleasing looking game.

Console games tend to look more aesthetically pleasing because there's a much heavier focus on post processing effects that make the game more visually engaging, like smoke/particle/blur/DOF effects or subtle things like windshield reflections from the in-car view (PGR3 FTW!!!)

webeblazing1686d ago

"Console games tend to look more aesthetically pleasing because there's a much heavier focus on post processing effects that make the game more visually engaging, like smoke/particle/blur/DOF effects or subtle things like windshield reflections from the in-car view"

LMAO this is the first time I herd a console game have a heavier focus in these areas most of these effects have been missing this gen and when pc gamers use to bring this up people use to put their fingers in there ears.

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Flutterby1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Did you watch the same video as me lol look at the crash scene , why do none of those cars have bottoms instead just blank grey flat things, why do the cars that crash seem like they are made out of paper and go floating around? The cars look pretty when still but jeez does it start showing its faults when it's in motion. At least it has weather tho I guess which is more than I can say for another game that sounds like morza .

webeblazing1686d ago

you do know each car have their own beta right. you do know this game is still in beta and already out preforms a shit load of games

Magicite1687d ago

My R9 290X Will be ready...

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1686d ago

GTX 680 Lightning is ready and i will be playing at 1600p :)

CommanderShepard1686d ago

Oh the ignorance in the comment section. First of all, let's erase the myth that PC gaming is expensive. You could easily build a PC capable of medium to high settings and a 1080p resolution with 30+ FPS in recent games (let's face it, most games run on the equivalent of low settings on console) for about $500-600. Yes, it's $200 more expensive than the PS4, but you'll be saving money in the long term because of Steam sales and Humble Bundles + free online gaming.

Second, yes no PC can run current gen games on 512 MB RAM, but you do know that the consoles are heavily optimized and pushed to the brink in order to the run these games (quite poorly in fact). Have you seen what BF4 and GTAV looks like? Sub-30 FPS with 720p resolution, low textures and particle effects, with shit tons of jaggies.

Third, we don't really care about a few console exclusives. Last of Us is really more of a movie than a game. GTAV is gonna come to PC anyway (thanks for beta testing it). And while we're missing a few games here and there, you guys are missing out on whole GENRES: RTS, MOBA, MMO, and turn based strategy (Civ 5). Not to mention the superior multiplats (Skyrim, BF series), emulators, and mods.

Consoles are also dragging down the quality of games as a whole. Games would be so much more better if the devs didn't have to limit themselves in order to put out games on inferior hardware. Fortunately, PS4 and X1 have PC architectures (easier to co-develop and port), but they are still limiting games from their true potential by quite a margin.

Btw, you can use your PC with your home TV, and you can use console controllers on PC. So the excuses of how consoles are better because of the controller and how can you play on the couch are void.

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thisismyaccount1687d ago

Technically, yes. Visual fidelity-wise not really....

Letros1687d ago

Looks better than anything Sony is shoving down your throat...

Bolts1687d ago

Holyshit. These look almost CG. They were right, this is truely nextgen.

ape0071687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

well you know, i wish ps4 and X1 were 100$ more expensive to match today's PC like Xbox 360 and ps3 matched the pc of their time

Xbox one and ps4 are weaker than xbox 360 and ps3 relatively which is very very disappointing

watch dogs look better on PC(first two vids were much better than those ps4 vids), BF4 will look better on PC, Ryse 900p, deep down downgraded, CoD ghosts having better textures on PC(as IW said)

i mean you'll buy a system and that's it, stuck for an eternity, at least make it as good as this era's PC

OrangePowerz1687d ago

In actual power and what can be done with the hardware they are closer to PC than you think. I don't know why people still compare hardware speccs 1:1 between PC and consoles because it doesn't work that way. It's every generation the same PC gamers going about you can have a more powerful PC simply going by speccs.

ape0071687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


another problem that people do damage control on ( i do too) is saying wait until they get utilized, im really doubting this theory

im no tech geek but both ps4 and X1 are X86 systems which makes them so easy to get power out of

i have a strong feeling that KZ SF, Ryse, BF4 and especially Watch Dogs are going to max them out almost completely Day 1

if watch dogs looked worse on consoles (it will) this will mean that it's already maxed out, an X86 PC game ported to an X86 consoles(basically PCs) and looked worse means it maxed out 100%, it's true LoL

XB1_PS41687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@orangepowerz even if you compare them 2:1 they still don't match up.

Titan = 4.5 TFlops
Ps4 = 1.8 TFlops

More flops bro, more flops.

clouds51687d ago

PC will always be better in terms of graphics&power. You can't release a console in the 400-500$ price range that somehow magically outperforms PCs that cost 600-1000$. Not while making a profit at least, it's just simple math :)

If you have the money/time and are interested in building your own PC, it's something that is a lot of fun ;) It's not for everyone of course, but once you know how to set everything up and have it connected to your TV it's the best thing ever.

OrangePowerz1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


Because they use X86 doesn`t make them the same as PC. It makes it easy to get a game running on it, but not to get the best out of it. Easy to learn hard to master. Unlike PC`s there are more things in the consoles to get more power out and it will take time for devs to find the best solution on how to max it out. You couldn`t be more wrong if you think that the launch games will be close to maxing out the systems, I know what I`m talking about.


Those are the meaningless comparisons I was talking about. The GTX already looses a huge amount of the power advantage by the fact that PC games are not optimized for a fixed hardware configuration. Another one being that the next gen consoles run on an APU that is a lot more efficient compared to a setup that has a separate CPU and GPU and I could go on for quite some time to point out why the disadvantage isn`t as big as people might think.


I didn`t say they outperform high end PC`s just that they are closer to them than what people think by just comparing speccs. I built my own PC and it`s also connected to the TV, but it has advantages and disadvantages just like consoles and I still buy certain multiplatform games for consoles although they don`t look as nice on console but play better on it compared to PC.

XB1_PS41687d ago

@orangepowerz As long as there is the possibility to strap 4 Titans together via Sli, then the consoles have no chance when comparing possible graphics. The consoles graphics will be awesome, don't get me wrong, but the margin between the top gaming PC and the consoles is HUGE. ENORMOUS. GARGANTUAS. Also, not debatable, because it is fact.

The developers on the exclusive content behind the consoles is why I buy them.

lilbroRx1687d ago

They would need more than a $100 worth of upgrades.

ABizzel11687d ago


Technically speaking the PS4 is at it's near max. The only thing more they could do was upgrade to 8970m, which is only a few notches above what they already have.


and they're all in the same ballpark. There's nothing more they could do without building custom hardware, which would be hard to develop for and increase the price more than $100.

H0RSE1687d ago


"It's every generation the same PC gamers going about you can have a more powerful PC simply going by speccs."

I found this line particularly ironic, because this is exactly what is happening in the PS4/X1 console wars right now.

OrangePowerz1687d ago

A system with 4 Titans would be a prime example of one of the disadvantages of PCs. 4 Titans would be a huge waste of money because you would get far less actual performance out of it compared to what it would be able to do in theory because there will be no game that`s optimized for such a setup. If you take a super computer it would outperform high end gaming PC`s for many many years in theoretical power, but obviously no game would ever be optimized for that.


I`m aware that happens between consoles and while you can`t translated specs 1:1 between consoles because of small difference in how it is built and what extra processors are on it and so on it is more valid than comparing specs directly between PC and consoles.

lonz3581687d ago

Keep worrying about graphics. I'll be playing great exclusives on PS4 for years :-)

Chrischi19881686d ago


Since they are X86 makes them work pretty much like a PC and if they dont use much custom hardware it is like it is. Only the API which will be used on the PS4 can make a difference, but since AMD is about to release Mantle API and Nvidia is also working on their own API, all that made consoles great, will be not a console exclusiv anymore, so in other words, PS4 has no real chance against PCs, it is even funny that people try to compare it. Compare PS4 and Xbox1 if you want, but PC is and will always be, in a league of its own.

AKR1686d ago

Dude, stop - just stop.

You CANNOT, let me repeat that ~ C A N N O T, compare PCs and consoles. Why? Because they are built DIFFERENTLY.

Consoles are closed systems - meaning, they can't be upgraded. Their designed with the 1st-priority of playing games. Because of that; they have a streamlined OS and their games are optimized to run specifically on their specs.

PCs on the other hand are open. You can open it up, put in a new GPU, put in some more RAM, etc. PCs need the extra power because they are multipurpose systems. They are running different processes at the same time, as well as a full-scale OS.

The PS3 and 360 only matched the PCs of THEIR TIME. Meaning; the time they were released. After about 2 years, PCs started taking off farther than them. Why? Because once again; you can't build a console that will forever match PCs unless you can upgrade that console, which in effect, would technically classify it as being a PC.


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PurpHerbison1687d ago


redwin1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

But, isn't it CG? The only part that I believe is game is from inside the car. You can not play with a panoramic view from the maintains. I made this comment above but I didn't think it went through.

WarThunder1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

That looked great! but still doesn't look as good as their screenshots.

Lighting accuracy is slightly below Granturismo's lighting. But still looks impressive :D

Can't wait to play it
PCars, Assetto corsa and GT6 on my list!

xKugo1687d ago

Lol, lighting accuracy??? What do you mean when you say that?? Are you talking about god rays or ray-tracing?? Not getting what you're talking about..

elhebbo161687d ago

shhh... let him say what he wants, dont discourage the poor guy.

turgore1686d ago

Slightly. It looks miles worse than GT6.

kingduqc1686d ago

that's cause those screenshot are uncompressed and youtube video are compressed a lot.

gta, cars is the best looking racing game out there, not even close to what grand tourismo offers.

SharnOfTheDEAD1686d ago

What like real licensed cars?

ThatEnglishDude1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

It's..beautiful. My GTX Titan is waiting.