Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Flaws

Console Updates writes: "Most of us PS3 owners got our hands on the GT 5 Prologue and I'm just typing away some flaws I noticed in the game which I hope in GT 5 they will work it out.

Flaw #1: Hitting the wall or opponents in every game happens periodically, and in GT 5 it reminds me of hitting the walls in the original Ridge-Racer… GT 5 Prologue is by far the BEST GT I have played (I've played all of them to the end, even the ones that don't get to 100%) but you would expect a better way of managing the physics when hitting an object. Think FM and FM2 which perfectly manages the physics of the car, speed and the angle you hit any objects.

Flaw #2: There are about 2 or 3 vehicle settings in the game. Whether you are driving the Tii or the Fiorano just like in GT, GT II, III & IV when you get your hands on all the upgrades all the upgraded cars behave similar. Back in one of the older GT games a tuned up TVR cerbera has exactly the same config, top speed, gear ratio, etc… of a tuned up Mitsubishi 3000…"

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butterfinger3860d ago

The flaws he points out are very good, and I'm pretty glad that they released this prologue. I feel like they are really going to be able to make the full version the best GT experience we can possibly have for this generation. I'm sure at the least we will get the damage they've spoke about and some beefed up AI.

CrashSharc3860d ago

but if that vid is supposed to prove prologue has bad physics, well... it ain't the only one:

I mean c'mon. I'm not advocating any certain title, but give prologue a break for christ sakes... it's a DEMO.

Jamaicangmr3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Wow! that thing took off like a rocket i thought Forza was physics perfection.

Anyway that does look annoying conciding we all know a real car wouldn't have reacted that way in a crash. Lets hope they will tweek the physics even more for GT5. This is sad though the lents some go through to deface a great game by nit picking.

Premonition3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

In GT5 prologue theres another settings to make the physics much more real, but I think the reason his car was doing that was because in GT5 you cant flip your car, so its force to do other things.

EDIT: They have standard and Professional physics.

Expy3860d ago

You know why it does that right?

Since car damage is disabled (or not present, whichever you prefer) the car and every part of the car retains its physical properties as defined in the game engine. When you crash a car in real life, the car deforms, thus, the impact and the way the car reacts to the impact is all dependent on the way you impact the car and on the damage incurred by the car.

By not having any damage modeling, the car acts as a huge 1 piece object, and if you were to send a 1 piece object that didn't break up or receive any damage on such an impact it would behave much like you see there...

Also need to point out that it looks as if they programmed some "bounce" or "rebound" effect on the cars, that is also a factor.

It should be fixed and done properly in GT5 though, as they've said they'll be working on damage modeling so it shouldn't be an issue..

And as for your physics comment in relation to another game.... Sorry no other racing simulator beats Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's physics engine.

InMyOpinion3860d ago

I played this yesterday at a friends. I expected it to be an awesome racing experience, instead I got greeted with Gran Turismo 4 but with better graphics. Yes, the cars look good, but even the graphics has it's flaws. The lack of anti-aliasing gives the cars and distant scenery jaggies, and there are shadow clippings. Framerate drops as well.

This didn't bother me that much though. What bothered me most is that it feels like playing a PS2 game. My main issues aren't the lack of damage or car customization. It's the gameplay. I bet if you sat down with GT4, then switched to this you wouldn't notice any difference gameplay wise. The physics and the steering of the cars are extremely stiff and slow, and gets boring quick. The sound isn't any better. I honestly think they copied the sound samples from GT4. The tire screeching sample gets really annoying in no time.

The dashboard view looks great and works well,the problem is that it(like the rest of the gameplay) feels static and sterile. We decided to boot up PGR4 and compare the dashboard views. GT5P looks better, but what it lacks in the graphics department PGR4 makes up for in pretty much every other area. The dashboard view in PGR4 feels much more alive and aggressive. You really hear the engine roar and can almost feel the power as you accelerate. It's hard to explain, try comparing it for yourselves instead. We ended up playing PGR4 instead.

I don't think they will change any of these flaws either. Look at Gran Turismo 3: A-spec and Gran Turismo 3. How big is the difference?

Some people will hate me for this comment, but I just couldn't stand hearing all this BS about how good a racer GT5P is, when it's not. It's miles behind other current racers when it comes to gameplay. It's good if you love car graphics, but to actually play the thing is anything but enjoyable.

gambare3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

It's a long post just to say that you hate the game because it's not forza 2.

GT5p is a great game even if it's not the full game, but if you don't enjoy it then try to share it to someone else in the open zone.

tweaker3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

People think GT5P is miles ahead of the competition and some people think its miles behind. Nobody is spreading BS on how good this game is. Its all personal preference.

IMO this game is the best sim racer for this generation of games. The G25 wheel plus GT5P is the ultimate racing simulator.

Bathyj3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

"I expected it to be an awesome racing experience."

For starters I disagree with that statement. I dont believe you truly went in expecting anything great. You have a very negative mindset when it comes to anything PS3, especially such a high profile, well loved exclusive, so I dont think you'll ever let yourself enjoy GT5, or MGS4 or FF13 etc etc.

"Some people will hate me for this comment, but I just couldn't stand hearing all this BS about how good a racer GT5P is, when it's not. It's miles behind other current racers when it comes to gameplay."

2nd, while I completely disagree with that statement, (because even if you did like Forza better anyone truthful would have to admit GT would still be #2) I at least understand it. I feel the same way about Gears and Halo.

Halo Single player was great although it only had about 3 or 4 really good levels. The rest were just copy and pasted box sections stuck together. In effect in was an engine without a full game behind it but I do get credit where due as one of the best Launch games of all time, and it made me buy an Xbox. 2&3 not only failed to improve but went backwards in a lot of areas.

Gears? Nothing wrong with it really except you pretty much play the whole game with one gun. A bit dull in that sense. But it is pretty and it is fun, my only quibble was how terribly overrated it was. It offered nothing new at all, except the reload mechanism but it called so innovative. And that big spider thing, you finally got to fight it and what happens, you shoot it a bit and it cowers back and falls it lava. My Nana's little dog has more balls than that and there gone. But I do laugh when people suggest part 2 might not be success. Please, by virtue of the success of the first one this game would sell 3 million even if it was a steaming pile of crap. I mean seriously if it was, 2 worlds, Beowulf, Victory Hour, Turning Point bad. Bots would still buy it.

So yeah, again, I dont agree, but I do understand, it only makes me wonder why if Forza is so good you all stopped talking about it when it was about a week old.

Dan Boy Below me.

Did you not read my post?
What Gears and Halo have to do with it, is I said I understand what Jenzo means about people going on about a game saying its the best thing ever, when really its just more of what we've seen before it and is nothing revolutionary and way overrated. Gears and Halo despite being good games, both fit into that category. I'm discussing the topic of overhyping and not delivering. If the subject matter burns you too much maybe you need to grow up.

dan-boy3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

but you're not alone though. because someone does'nt think that gtp is earth shattering, it does'nt make them a fanboy, or mean that their input is any less valid! does it now!

i owned and played all the gran tourismo games from gt to gt4, and in all honesty, nothing changed in any of them apart from they got better graphically. now i know it's sacrielage to speak ill of a gran tourismo game on this site, but all the other games got a bit boring, and a bit stale, pretty quickly. not that i'm a massive fan of gt or driving games in particular...unless you can go on-line and smash up your mates.

and you condoleezza rice. because he compares the physics of the two games(well come on, they are both aspiring driving sims, so that does make them comparable!) does that automatically mean he should'nt be playing it! wake up, if not everybody is convinced that gt:p is the be all and end all, then they don't! get over it.

and bathyj: well done for portraying yourself as the twisted fanboy that you are! why turn it into an attack on some microsoft franchises because someone has given an opinion on a playstation franchise! grow up!! what have gears and halo got to do with a driving game!

Tarasque3860d ago

Actually much as i hate to say it, i agree. The gameplay of this racer is average at best. All i can say is the cars look great and the pavment of the track looks good with lighting and such. But everything else is lackluster. I am glad i rented this from gamefly and didn't buy it.

dan-boy3860d ago

lol come on now, i've read enough of your posts and know your opinions on things. but as i said, why use halo and gears? their not even driving games and don't give it's all about hype! coz obviously those two have been the only hyped games ever?! plenty of games on all systems have been hyped over the years, and plenty have'nt delivered, strange why you of all people would pick them two??lol

by the way, i don't think halo and gears were that great either! i stopped playing gears on-line for vegas, and halo got destroyed by cod4....damn it's gonna take some fps to beat cod4 on-line!

xboxftw3860d ago


Jenzo is stating his opinion and he mentioned that he played GT5Pro and compared with other racing games on 360. This is more than you or other fanboys here who haven't touched a single 360 game and bash those to pieces. I'havnt played gt5 so cannot comment but jenzo makes good points. I played pgr4, its incar view is not as detailed as gt5 but it still pretty (although pgr3s was better), but it shakes and moves while driving. I think jenzo said gt5 in car was static and doesnt move dynamically.

So it seems from most views of reviewrs gt5pro is just spit and shine of gt4. I dont know why it took so long to come out then.

Perkel3860d ago

I must disagree :/

I know 1 thing ! G25 + GT5P is just fantastic.

I played almost every racing game since 1995 and this is just wonder.
I have never ever seen such game with love to cars. Damn it even menu is just ohhh. Sometimes i leave menu to hear jazz watching my honda integra type R ...

pure love to cars that GT5P is .. <3

Bathyj3860d ago

I'll say it once more and then I'm dropping it, even if you respond because this back and forth is making me bash the games more than I wanted to.

I know they're not driving games. Irrelevant. I choose them because they are the most overacted games in my opinion. Not Halo 1, the sequels, and Gears definitely. How many bots think Gear invented the cover system?

And maybe I choose 2 Xbox games to make my point instead of 2 PC or Wii games because I've read enough of Jenzo's post to know he's all about XB and I dont believe he'd ever go into a PS3 game truly open minded otherwise he would have found plenty to like by now.

You did say one thing I'm on the same page with. I bought Gears and RB6 the same week and I got a lot more playtime and fun out of RB6. It pissed me off that it had to live in its shadow when it was superior in every way except for maybe graphics.

Bathyj3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

You just nailed it mate. GT is a game for car lovers, made by a car lover. Bubbles for you.

I dont think its the best racing game, The Toca Series owns that accolade to my thinking, but I do think its the best driving game. Nothing feels like GT when you hitting the racingline doing the correct gear changes (If anyone plays this game with automatic, Get Out of Here)and powering out of a corner at optimum speed. And the attention to detail shows the game is all about love. No one could put that much work into something that was just a job and not a passion.

And I have the G25 too. This wheel is amazing and I've not felt anything like it. Its just as high quality as the old arcade Daytona and Sega Rally games. Its the Rolls Royce of gaming peripherals. Driving an F40 with this beast is exilerating. Now if I can just save enough for that damn F1 Ferrari I'll be set.

InMyOpinion3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I love Drakes Fortune and Ratchet & Clank. You call me a PS3 hater just because I don't like some of the games that you are expected to like.

To me gameplay is important. Having played all the other Gran Turismo games I expected this to bring something new to the able in terms of physics and gameplay. Most other racing games have evolved in these areas when taking the step from last gen to this gen, so why shouldn't Gran Turismo do the same? The racing elements in GT5:Prologue aren't on the same level as in Forza 2 or PGR4. The car collecting might be, but I play racing games for the racing, tuning and cusomization, not so much the collecting.

Have you played PGR4 or Forza 2 directly after GT5: Prologue?

Btw, the Microsoft wireless racing wheel beats the G25 hands down. Force feedback makes next gen racing so much better, but what would you know about that? =) I guess the G25 is your best option...

CrazyJ3860d ago

Wait let me get this straight you've played with the microsoft wheel but not with any GT series wheel?

Let me give you my little comparison opinion since I have the MS wheel, Original GT wheel for the PS2 and Driving Force Pro wheel.
The microsoft wheel has an edge when it comes to not having to be wired to the console (still needs to be plugged in if you want true force feedback). It also offers rumble but you won't really feel it if your using force feedback. Now where it fails is in every other category.
First force feedback is weak compared to any GT wheel. Thats right every GT series logitech wheel has force feedback. Contrary to what microsoft says it is a last gen feature, well at least where Playstation and PC's are concerned.
Second centering your steering wheel actually drives the car straight. I know this is a matter of chance with the MS wheel but out of the 3 MS wheels I've seen all 3 center to the left a couple of degrees.
Third the bearings holding the ms wheel have lots of play aka you can move the steering wheel up and down while keeping the base still. No so much with the GT wheels even with lots of hours.
Fourth the clamp is only decent if your trying to clamp onto something thick and even then it still has lots of plastic flex. The GT wheels clamp well onto almost anything and clamp with very little flex.
Fifth there's a freakin hole where I want to put my heal in the MS wheel petals. This makes my ankle go into an extreme angle if I want to let off the gas or brake. Just resting your left foot on the petal platform works better at keeping the petals in place than putting your heal on the floor.
Those are the disadvantages with the original GT wheel released with GT3.

The Driving Force Pro and G25 offer 900 degrees lock to lock which means you can turn your wheel around 900 degrees before it stops. I think the MS wheel is around 180 degrees.

The G25 also offers a clutch petal and a 6 speed + reverse gated shifter. Along with force feedback of course. So YES the G25 is superior is every meaningful way.

If you haven't played GT5P with a steering wheel and a good seat then your really only getting half the experience and it doesn't surprise me you like PGR4 better since that is a complete game.

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jkhan3860d ago

I am not a big racing game fan. But I still went on and buy GT5 Prologue. Its a stunning looking game. My only disappointment from this game is its AI. The cars don't feel too intelligent, they won't do much except for just driving on a set path. The feeling that you are driving with realism just dies when you the other car hits the same turn again and again.

yanikins1113860d ago

Really the only fault in the game that really detracted was the AI. Mostly it was ok, but sometimes when you are making a pass or something, they wont react accordingly. I mean if you out brake and cut inside, a real driver wouldnt run into your car. They would adjust their line and not try and run you off the road like a child.

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