Dragon’s Crown Review: Loot, Glorious Loot! [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: Dragon's Crown is the sort of game I've been waiting for since the Mega Drive. A compelling side-scrolling fantasy beat em' up, that works in multiplayer or solo and can be played for hours on end thanks to the RPG components and never-ending loot.

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1805d ago
thelaughingwiseman1805d ago

Underrated... Poor Dragons Crown. Goodnight, sweet princess

Inception1805d ago

Very underrated and that's because some white knight and feminazis bullshit who can't saw a women character with nice tits & azz :(

thelaughingwiseman1805d ago

They just can't see past the ecchi interactive conversations. Beyond that point it is a fun action game

Inception1805d ago

Yeah, it baffles me why they can't let that slide. Meanwhile in GTA V we can go to strip club, hire a hooker, even there's s a sex scene, but we never saw this white knight & feminazis bitching night and day like they did with Dragon's Crown :(

Drithe1805d ago

This game is the greatest side scroller fighter ever. I enjoyed the hell out of this game and it is too bad that it came out at this late of a point in the ps3's life cycle, because this is a masterpiece of what true gaming is all about.