PSA: Battlefield 4 beta stats do not carry over to full game

Stats and unlocks will reset after the beta, despite EA's previous announcement that players will be able to carry over their stats and unlocks to the full game.

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Lord_Sloth1556d ago

Most betas don't carry over to the full game.

LOL_WUT1556d ago

Why didn't they allow people to unlock everything in the beta? I remember the BF3 one it let you keep unlocking guns and equipment. ;)

NarooN1556d ago

Most likely so people would feel as though they need to buy the final game to "experience" the stuff they didn't get a chance to use in the beta.

BLAKHOODe1556d ago

You mean to tell me all that work I did dying 500 times to kill those 10 guys and obtain those 2 dog tags won't count for nothing?

Blackdeath_6631556d ago

...and all the time i spent camping on roofs missing every shot with the sniper then having to go on a C4 suicide mission when i run out of ammo was all in vein?!

Skate-AK1556d ago

I don't remember DICE even saying that stats would carry over.

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