Producer Takashi Tokita Discusses the Past, Present, and Future of Final Fantasy on Mobile Devices

Joel Taveras writes, "This week we had the chance to catch up with folks from Square Enix who were in town to show off a handful of their upcoming releases. Among the previews that we sat through was a mini presentation and then an interview with gaming industry veteran and producer Takashi Tokita. We spoke about the “legacy” series of Final Fantasy titles (I – VI) which has hit (or in the case of VI, about to hit) both iOS and Google Play.

Tokita discusses the ins and outs of transitioning from consoles to mobile devices, including the necessary tweaks that come in to play for a more laid back, pick up and put down experience. During our discussion,Tokita also notes that he’s aware that fans are waiting for “VII and beyond… and that it’s something that is being contemplated by the higher ups at Square Enix.”

Check out the full interview below."

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DarkLordMalik1771d ago

I hate this guy.

Final Fantasy should stick to Consoles and Dedicated Handhelds only.

taz80801771d ago

They are chasing numbers really. There is such a large number of people using mobile phones and iOS that they just can't ignore it.

mohuzas1771d ago

how about you guys pull your head out of your ass and realize that the casual smartphone users don't give a shit about Final Fantasy, and focus on making the games on dedicated gaming hardware?

taz80801771d ago

It was interesting speaking to some of the Japanese developers and they feel that the casual and mobile market is where gaming is moving in Japan. This makes sense why they are spending more focus on this segment of gamers. They are seeing a decline e in the core gamer and want to attack the mobile market, just think how many more people can play on a mobile device, those are large numbers.

mohuzas1771d ago

that doesn't explain the massive 3DS sales in japan, even the Vita is doing decently there.

KonsoruMasuta1771d ago

I'm not defending them but the Final Fantasy games are always listed in the top selling games whenever I go on GooglePlay.

Unlimax1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

The legendary Director behind Parasite Eve , Please stick to Consoles :[

And please make a new PE <3