Preview: Wii Party U is Loads of Surprising Family Fun | DualShockers

Allisa James of DualShockers previews Wii Party U and, surprisingly, enjoys the social gameplay.

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thomasmiller1714d ago

this game looks like a load of fun too, this could be the title that draws the casual crowd to get the wii u, this and wii it u, will hopefully get them as Sonic lost worlds and Mario 3d world will grab the core gamers for this holiday season.

ajames3471714d ago

It really was a blast playing it. It's a really good family title, I must admit.

Realplaya1714d ago

This is a game I hope they show a ton of commercials for I think it will honestly move systems with the proper advertisement.

Activemessiah1714d ago

To hell with family, I'd play this by myself. o_O