So Much Truthiness in South Park: The Stick of Truth | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Chris Matulich: "There have been other attempts throughout the years without much success, but the Stick of Truth is looking to be pretty damn stellar. Get ready to grab your towel cape for an epic adventure through the little Colorado town of South Park on December 10th."

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Tiqila1649d ago

seems to match the quality of the series... looks like trash.

swice1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Ouch. That comment hurts me

FamilyGuy1649d ago

To each his own, I like South Park even though some episodes are annoyingly crude. The game looks like a lot of fun though, that said I'm expecting all reviews to fall between 7-8/10

iceman061649d ago

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Lykon1649d ago

I like the episode where mr slave destroys paris hilton by jumping on her anus first . I hope this game is so crude that kittens die.

monkey6021649d ago

New episodes are hit and miss. Its like the first half of a season is dirt and the second half is where the effort went it becoming hilarious. I do however really look forward to this game