ShopTo issues an apology to customer who had his PS4 pre-order cancelled

ShopTo: "Earlier today there was a small misunderstanding with a customer which resulted in his account being cancelled by ourselves, for this we would like to apologise."

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Mikelarry1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

cool that was a quick response from shopto, glad they were able to make amends.

also did i read that correctly the user is getting a free ps4 if so RESULT!!!

specialguest1742d ago

A quick response and a free ps4 was a smart move by them. Better to lose £399 than bad publicity that could hurt them more.

vigilante_man1742d ago

ShopTo are a breathe of fresh air to the UK retailers. They have been amazing for the past few years.

I have pre-ordered my PS4 from there. Good news all round.

abc12331742d ago

Breath of fresh air? Their customer service is terrible. The good thing is that you often don't have to end up dealing with them.

Mr Pumblechook1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

In the UK Sony are releasing the mega bundle pack to reward loyal pre-order with a juicy deal. It is of great value it includes a PS4, second DS4, PS Camera and Killzone for £429.99. are selling it at RRP price of £429.99.
But Shop-To are selling it for £449.99!

Instead or offering their loyal customers by selling it at the Sony recommended retail price they are charging an extra £20 markup! Other UK retailers are exploiting their customers too such as Simply Games. People on eBay turning a profit is was you expect, but I'm disappointed in this practice by established retailers charging more than they should.
Thank you for charging the right price for the official PS4 bundles,
Shop-To take note and don't betray your customers.

Luthiens11742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Amazon can do this because they dont pay tax in the uk. Its disgusting how they can avoid it. They bypass it by setting it to Dublin, there is more too it but i cant be arsed to explain. I thought this was common knowledge. I have the mega-bundle with shopto, never had a problem with them. If anything i had avatar 3d blu-ray on my wish list for a year with amazon then upon nigh its release they sent me an email saying they had cancelled my order. Bought it @ hmv in the end.

abc12331742d ago

Unless if the bundles were being sold to retailers above RRP, why on earth does paying less tax factor here?

Mr Pumblechook1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Luthiens1 you are incorrect.
The tax loophole you are referring to was called "Low Value Consignment Relief." It was for items that were UNDER £15 - however this tax loophole has now been closed by the UK government.

Here are a couple of links to prove it

ShopTo buys PS4 from Sony for exactly the same rate as Amazon, yet they are charging £20 more for the bundle. They know that pre-order customers really want the PS4 and they are exploiting the people who ordered first.

Kayant1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Good to see that got resolved quickly it could have gotten real ugly for them by tomorrow :p. The conversation was not Shopto's business and the person managing their twitter account acted way too immature and free PS4 for the drama damn he's so lucky :)

christrules00411742d ago

Well whoever it is enjoy your free PS4.

MaximusPrime_1742d ago

I preordered my ps4 since it was announced with them. Not cancelling order. In my past experience I never had any bad experiences with Shopto. I had bad experiences with Zavvi and I stopped ordering from them

PlayStation_41742d ago

tesco online is pretty bad too, my copy of The Last of Us - Joel Edition was ripped to pieces (the cardboard casing)

ShopTo is really good though, despite their customer service

NewAgeisHere1742d ago

I order from Zavvi regularly and my game got lost 2 times out of 30 orders...not so bad....not to mention they sent me a brand new PS3 by mistake....when I ordered a game....

joeyisback1742d ago

Lucky guy to get his PS4 for free

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