Evans Top 5 Games That Need To Be Remade

Omnigamer writes, "Dark Cloud was just a great game. It had an awesome weapon system, good graphics, fun combat, and an intriguing story. Not to mention, the town building aspect was interesting and addicting. However, the game could get repetitive, which is the main reason why I want Dark Cloud to be remade."

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kalkano1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

There is not point in "remaking" turn-based RPGs, if you're just going to change the genre. Who the hell wants a reimagining? People that played the originals liked them, so why would they want an entirely new game with a similar story?

With all 3 of the turn-based RPGs you mentioned, I can't imagine NOT buying a remake. I'd love a remake of all of them. A REIMAGINING, on the other hand...there's no way I'd even think about touching something like that.

Godmars2901687d ago

If they are remade in this day and age they'll be remade wrong. With intent to "appeal to a larger audience" rather than the fans of their original genera.

wishingW3L1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

beat Suikoden III last month and was blown away by it. Although not as good as Suikoden II but III was the last great Suikoden game. V is not that bad though but you can feel it right away that the greatness of the series was already gone....

But anyway, I don't think that Suikoden III needs to be remade. The game had simple mechanics, simple graphics that still look fine today and the story has lots of gray areas which is what makes it be so good just like all the other Suikoden games. And not to mention the 108 recruits and army based battles.

ADodoBird1687d ago

Dark Planet Battle for Notralis! Conquest Frontier Wars! Stronghold (1) ! Come ON! :/

ZHZ901687d ago

FFVII already has demands for remake for this.

I am hoping for Dark Cloud to come back.

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