While Sony Made a PlayStation 4 Apartment, Microsoft Created a Whole Xbox One Warehouse in France

Sony France created the Apartment 4 to showcase the PS4, but could Microsoft do any less? As a matter of fact no. As part of the Area One worldwide tour, they created a whole Xbox One-themed warehouse in Paris to showcase the Xbox One.

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ABeastNamedTariq1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Nice. The marketing for these consoles is really going to start ratcheting up. I just want to see more commercials to remind me that next gen is coming. (Game and movie commercials are basically the only things I pay attention to regarding ads).

JokesOnYou1406d ago

Yeah, really good marketing now by micro. Getting the X1 with that great controller and games in the hands of gamers is the best impression you can make.

Denethor_II1406d ago

I love the way PlayStation have stepped up in their advertising. Getting the PS4, with that great new controller in the hands of real gamers, is the best impression they can make.

NukaCola1406d ago


What you said goes for anything. People will prejudge anything until they get it first hand.

nukeitall1406d ago



That video is creepy as hell. Please no more weird creepy videos that makes me ask "WTF". Does not make me want to buy it.

Veneno1406d ago

Does anyone else find it strange that Jokes only seems to post replies and never regular comments? Probably does it so that less people can point out how much of an MS lapdog he is.

UltimateMaster1406d ago

I honestly didn't care about the apartment, let alone the warehouse.

Pogmathoin1406d ago

No veneno, i was not stalking him....

HardcoreGamer211405d ago

So Sony made a PS4 showcase out of a house and Microsoft made their showcase out of a warehouse?
How fitting, being that that's where most of the systems will end up.
PS4 in people's homes and the Xbox One80 sitting in warehouses.

Pogmathoin1405d ago

Hardcoregamer, but speak as fanboygamer... Change your profile name so as to not embarrass the rest of us...

mewhy321405d ago Show
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aceitman1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

omg,lol, I have to say it , do they need a warehouse because all the room Kinect needs to play , an apartment will not have enough room . lol.

nukeitall1406d ago

It really depends on how fat you are. Fat people need more space.

HugoDrax1406d ago

Sounds like a hater and a fanboy comment to me. Since when did more square footage become a bad thing huh? Always spinning positive MS news into something negative.

aceitman1406d ago

@AuricGoldfinger how is it something true is a fanboy comment , I have a big living room and I needed to move stuff back for Kinect on my 360 , that is one of the biggest complaints about Kinect space . u say fanboy , I say its my opinion not a fanboy comment, just because u didn't like it don't make someone out to be a fanboy, lighten up.

H0RSE1406d ago

Your comments are based around the first version Kinect, so technically your opinion isn't accurate, since you are technically referring to a different product.

aconnellan1406d ago


Kinect on the 360 was pretty awful, but they improved on it with the second one, and you can stand much closer.

At 0:35 they point out that the guy is standing about 1.5 metres from the Kinect, which gives me enough space to play it in my cramped study, let alone my living room (where the couches and table are definitely further away than 1.5 metres)

Turkishflavor1406d ago

You dont need to use kinect, fatso.

paul-p19881406d ago

So true, especially from a UK resident standpoint. It's OK for Americans as your houses are HUGE compared to ours, but when you are in a 10" square living room, the kinect wants you by the door and in the hallway before it even recognises you....

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SecondSon1406d ago

"Game and movie commercials are basically the only things I pay attention to regarding ads"

That is what you think.

3-4-51406d ago

Microsoft, the king of inefficient money spending.

Blackdeath_6631406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

indeed they invenst a lot in their marketing department alowing them to go overboard what i don't get is they should have considered "getting the right message across" as marketing when things wern't going well for them at E3. honestly a warehouse like this filled with press and a lengthy Q&A would have solved many of their issues. i have to say MS have moved on a bit since then, after making those reversals they gave themselves room to move forward a bit. still think sony has got it in the bag come november but need to do better in terms of games i don't believe knack is good enough and with drive club being on PS+ they really only have KZ, the order 1886 and second son can't come soon enough

PFFT1406d ago

Spend it if you got it right?
If you dont well i guess theyd start creating little apartments as well.

H0RSE1406d ago


No, that would be the US Government...

3-4-51406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

EX: They spend $500 million when they could get the same result for $300 million.

But because they are a company ran by rich guys, who have mostly always been rich, and thus don't actually understand how to budget something, they just spend spend spend spend spend.

zhuk is god1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

It's their money, spend it how they want.

Death1405d ago

They have money allocated for marketing. This is a good thing. It's also a great way to reduce taxable income. There is a lot more to it other than they spent x amount of money. Sony has a much smaller marketing budget since they have less operating income available. If the PS4 is as successful as they hope their marketing budget will increase tremendously.

gametipcenter1405d ago

@3-4-5 This is Marketing 101 man, you one-up your competition. This isn't new stuff here.

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mayberry1406d ago

Saw at least 4 sony commercials during todays sunday football games... Seahakawks win!

Jazz41081406d ago

Go Colts. Sorry but the colts are my team and have been for twenty years. I had season tickets every year until I moved to Las Vegas. On topic.......nothing wrong with spending money on marketing. Most companys will tell you even bad press is not that bad if it brings attenntion to your product.

lsujester1406d ago

I saw a couple myself, glad of it. I think their lack of advertising really hurt them at times this generation. Until the rise of the Kevin Butler stuff, it was mostly the occasional weird commercial.

Also, speaking for all Saints fans... I HATE TOM BRADY!

LoveOfTheGame1405d ago

Living in KC and my team is undefeated. Best team in the league baby!

Of course I'm talking about my Denver Broncos, Chiefs suck.

solid_snake36561406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Ad's are the only thing that will make the Xbone appealing at this point.