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You play as Lo Wang, The same hero you play from the 1997 title, and is still the same old sword swinging, gun wielding bad-ass agent. In a nutshell, The story is about you getting into some trouble and now it’s your task to fight and shoot your way out of it. Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy the story that much since it was just like every other action game. Voice acting in the game in general is pretty decent although there are some instances where they feel very stiff and unnatural but all in all, the dialogue was enjoyable, throwing cheesy puns and corny jokes combined with the stereotypical Asian english accent. All this works well with the tone of the game in creating that sarcastic, bad-ass feel to the game which is a big part of it.

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Pintheshadows1803d ago

I also like the amusing game where you play a janitor who has to clean up Lo Wang's mess.

Activemessiah1803d ago

Currently playing this... that sword is a lot of fun.