NYCC '13: Cosplay Roundup Day 3

"Be still my cosplay heart. Despite this being a joint effort between myself and Patrick Kulikowski, I may or may not have hijacked this post to display my love of all things Korra.

Saturday was an epic day for cosplay, and there were many fans in full regalia. We saw an awesome Rydia from Final Fantasy IV and a top notch Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. However, my heart stopped when I saw The Legend of Korra cosplayers, including my favorite character of all time: Lin Bei Fong.

But there were also some other great ones as well, including a great Prince Robot IV from Saga--with a working television displaying images of the comic. There was so much to be seen, it makes me wish I had one more set of eyes and two more arms to take pictures. Check out the gallery after the jump." - Pixelitis Staff

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