WRC 4 car list revealed, missing Group B cars

VVV: "What's troubling, however, is that the number of available cars is significantly lower than WRC 3 according to the list. While all the cars in this year's season are included, there's no mention of the various Group B and classic rally cars that could be driven in WRC 2 and WRC 3, such as the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, Lancia Delta and Toyota Celica Turbo."

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Yi-Long1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

... just to nickel-and-dime us shortly after launch by releasing it as DLC.

Game looks decent so far, in terms of tracks and gameplay. Graphics meh, but we already expect that from the series.

1652d ago
Knushwood Butt1652d ago

Pretty sure the Vita version of WRC3 didn't have the Group B cars anyway.

Still, hope the Vita version of WRC4 does have more than this year's official cars seen as I don't really like any of them.

Give me Subaru Impreza WRC 2008 and I'll be happy.