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UK Retailer Cancels Customer's PS4 Preorder Over Twitter Comments

UK retailer Shopto, winner of the MCV Specialist Retailer of the Year 2012, has apparently cancelled a customer’s PS4 preorder based on a Tweet he made to a friend. (PS4)

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black0o  +   724d ago | Well said
those uk's retailers are sure A-wholes
Thegamer41  +   724d ago
Wow...Iv preordered my PS4 from Shopto and this is the kind of people they have working there? As much as I love their fast deliveries, I dont think I would be buying my PS4 games from them since their prices do seems to be higher this gen compared to amazon and other places.
So many typos as well, You would think their customer service would proof read their messages before sending.
Welshy  +   724d ago
i wouldn't read too much into and wait for some kind of official statement.

I've used ShopTo since 2009 and they are awesome. Pricing is fair and depending how early you preorder I've had 90% of my orders a day before release.

The GAME retailer site is the biggest offender of being terrible in my opinion!
stavrami  +   724d ago
tbh although a uk company that looks like instant chat not sure how it works at shopto but reading the comments carefully there is a spelling mistake and slight misunderstanding on answers from shopto's side i have a feeling u go through to an indian/pakistan q&a switchboard and thats where this has taken place
FamilyGuy  +   724d ago
Why would e even give his account info/order number to them on twitter? Seems obvious that they were intending to delete him.

Funnier is that they were stalking his twitter post, lol. Crazy how twitter gets so many people in trouble.
thekhurg  +   723d ago
The guy got a FREE PS4 out of the whole thing. That's pretty awesome if you ask me.
hakeem0996  +   723d ago
nukeitall  +   723d ago
This guy seems like a complete @ss. Too bad he a got a free PS4 out of the whole ordeal.

It is kind of sh!tty that consumers can freely abuse the retailer, with almost no recourse.

You wouldn't blink an eye if a retailer refused to serve a drunk disordely customer, because it affects you.

Because this doesn't affect you, you give them a free pass?
Wintersun616  +   724d ago
You did mean to say "that particular Shopto employee was an A-hole", right? Generalizations are bad m'kay?
pogayoga1  +   724d ago
Here's the story.

Amazon.co.uk had dropped the price of the PS4 Mega Bundle by £20 to £430, but the price was still £450 on Shopto, the location where this person ordered it. He tweeted Shopto, curious as to whether they would be dropping it too. They privately messaged him saying that no, they wouldn't. He didn't want to cancel his preorder because he wouldn't be guaranteed his purchase day 1. He then had a conversation on Twitter with one of his friends, which lead to this comment.

"@TheRocketMind Had games preordered at Shopto but switching them all to Amazon to say fuck you :)"

This tweet lead to Shopto closing his account and canceling his preorder.

For more: www.neogaf.com/forum/showthrea d.php?t=696508
Campy da Camper  +   724d ago
I have to side with the retailer. If I owned a business and saw a customer saying "f#$k them" on Twitter I would tell him to keep his money, don't need it that bad.
pogayoga1  +   724d ago
@Campy da Camper
He never tweeted that comment the retailer.
The whole thing was to a friend. Also, their customer service was shit.
Baka-akaB  +   724d ago
I dont get how the hell can you even side with the retailer there . The guy has the right to discuss things with his friends , even if its to whine , without having to s*ck up to the retailer out of fear of not getting his orders .

What the hell are they even doing monitoring his tweets in the first place , when not directed to them ?
nukeitall  +   723d ago
It shouldn't matter if it is to his friend, when everyone can see the message.

Does it matter he said 'f you' to a friend when he said it over a loudspeaker?
matgrowcott  +   723d ago

You can set up keywords for the whole of Twitter. If you tweet something including a brand name or celebrity name, it'll be read by the person/brand you're talking about.

What's more surprising here is the amount of people that didn't realize this.
Baka-akaB  +   723d ago
I can't stand twitter personally . And even so , you do see who's mentioning you and can choose to ignore those pointless messages . I still say it's stalker behaviour .

Besides even if a public message , as long as it wasnt diffamation and a smear campaign , it's not their business what the customer think and says .
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JetsFool3500  +   724d ago
Id take a retailer being an A-whole to me if I knew id be gettin a free ps4
Cloudyday71  +   724d ago
The customer was upset because the big Sony PS4 bundle in UK is priced at £429 and professional retailers like Amazon.co.uk are selling it for £429. But Shopto (a suspicious internet only Brit company) are charging preorder customers an extra £450 and if they don't pay it they will cancel the order. Shopto were angry that he raised the question and tried to silence him - but they can't silence the internet. I wish the police could shut down crooked companies .
Luthiens1  +   724d ago

How does that sit with the " crooked company" shit
falviousuk  +   724d ago
What a load of Bollocks you are talking, try doing some research before spouting that load of bull just just typed up.
Sony360  +   723d ago
Convert those prices to dollars and see how badly Sony is screwing UK customrs.
Dasteru  +   724d ago
They replied back and admitted they f'd up, they had thought his comment was being made directly to them and that is why they canned the account. After they realised he was talking to a friend and not them, they reopened his account and are now giving him a PS4 for free. They have more than made up for the mistake.
black0o  +   724d ago
lucky Ba#$5 now he can use all that money to buy GAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSs
Beastforlifenoob  +   723d ago
I like the twitter icon on this page (Drooling)
TAURUS-555  +   723d ago

so theyre getting the money..what a bunch of fat bastards
Clunkyd  +   724d ago
Hey Shopto. Go fuck yourself!

Now do something about it bitch.
Eamon  +   724d ago
lol they're giving the guy a free PS4 now. I say that's an amazing apology.
Clunkyd  +   724d ago
well that's nice
Silly Mammo  +   724d ago
@Clunkyd- Better hope there aren't any Shopto employees on this website. They might cancel your pre-order.
TheTwelve  +   724d ago
Haha, I love when internet trash-talkers pay for their careless words. Happens far too rarely.
mydyingparadiselost  +   724d ago
You mean his careless words to his friend about possible intentions to move orders because of prices?
abc1233  +   724d ago
You've never complained about a company? Like, ever?
TheTwelve  +   724d ago
I don't publicly say F-U to a company, no.
Sony360  +   723d ago

It was said to a friend, and was none of their concern, so no.
awi5951  +   723d ago
i bet he talks about microsoft every day this is N4g.
TekoIie  +   724d ago
"As a way to make this up to the customer we have offered to restore his account and provide his PS4 free of charge."

His "careless words" got him a free PS4. He's going to be the luckiest guy at release if anything!
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TheTwelve  +   724d ago
Sony360  +   723d ago
They gave him a free Ps4. He sure paid for it alright..
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blackberty  +   724d ago
Their customer service is shit. I questioned them on twitter about their claim to be cheapest in Uk and they instantly replied via dm very hostile. This doesn't surprise me. I only asked nicely out of curiosity :s
maximus1985  +   724d ago
why is your name blackberty? is that supposed to be some racists idea of humor? and the nude profile pic needs to go clown
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kidhero99   724d ago | Personal attack | show
blackberty  +   716d ago
Sorry, have I offended you? Maybe you're a ShopTo employee ;)
Goro  +   724d ago
Wow, that ShopTo employee was an unprofessional dick.
Jihaad_cpt  +   723d ago
well yes, but this guy was a rude idiot first. Also I think British consumers are entitled brats
Sony360  +   723d ago
You have an asshole name.
Volkama  +   724d ago
They've gone mad with power. If I was a retailer stocking launch day PS4s I'd pull all kinds of nonsense like this :-) Fortunately I'm not.
mcsm  +   724d ago
Stopped using these wankers a while back for some bullshit, hopefully this picks up and they get the full wrath of the internet.
Mikelarry  +   724d ago
boy the uk retailers are sure showing thier true colours.

i also preordered with them and noticed they never even offered me the mega bundle
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   724d ago
From the chats I have had with them they only list what they have. i.e. when you do a bundle swap you will only see bundles that are available to you on the same date as your current order (launch). It may be when you looked that the particular bundle was out of stock for launch. They wouldnt want people swapping their launch pre-order to a bundle that couldnt be delivered at launch would they?
Mikelarry  +   724d ago
ah right thanks for the info
PirateThom  +   724d ago
Meanwhile, I pre-ordered with Zavvi and had a lovely chat with a rep who confirmed my pre-order will be sent out to ensure delivery for release day, if not before, and they're sorry I couldn't pay in advance.
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BadlyPackedKeebab  +   724d ago
I have to put my two pence in for shopto here. Their service has never been anything short of stella to me. Have raised a few tickets recently and they have always been answered efficiently and with knowledge within half an hour or there abouts. I suspect there may be more to this story than we are seeing in the news but certainly if you have not used them before do not take this as any kind of representation of what they are like.
iDadio  +   724d ago
100% Agree with this, used them for years with not a single issue with any tickets I raised. Seems to maybe someone having a bad day
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   723d ago
Ill add though that service level is important. I used to use GAME online exclusively. Remember when they had that site revamp and literally nothing worked for months? that was enough to make me stop using them. Thats why PR, and trust is gold to these retailers.
RosweeSon  +   724d ago
Shopto have been boycotted by me ever since the Launch of Wii U, fair enough smaller retailers normally charge a little more than say Tesco or other big chains, however after buying games on launch to see them dropped to the same price as everyone else (as they prob weren't selling ) too many times I had enough, I stuck with them as yes they practically always break street date, 99% of times my games were here on a Thursday if not a Wednesday and their points scheme was pretty good for gold member, however they don't even reward you any points for purchases on consoles and yet a normally £10 more at least than most other retailers.
After reading this article I just had to post as I'm glad it's not just me they have shafted in the past, I bought a Star Wars 360 bundle from them a nintendo 3ds on launch and a wii u however when it came to ordering the wii u console went through fine, my mario went through full price (I wanted to use the reward points Id earnt, doh!) so I though well got a good £20 on my rewards card so though hey why not get a cheap copy of nintendo land, now through absolutely no fault of my own they decide to send me 2 copies of nintendo land cos I really wanted 2, however kindly allowed me to use my near £20 worth of rewards points twice so I got 2 copies for barely £40 well I didn't ask for em, when I asked for my money to be returned as I couldn't afford it ( having just bought a wii u) I needed my last £20 back in my bank, was told I had to wait to post it back at my expense and then wait for them to pr
mixelon  +   724d ago
Meh, he deserves it. Shopto's claim that Amazon avoid paying taxes is completely true. Smaller retailers shouldn't be expected to price match them as they'd go out of business. I have no problem supporting them even if theres a small price difference. Usually shoptos prices are good.

They wouldn't choose not to compete on price, and such an important part of their inventory will have had thought put into its pricing.
Realplaya  +   724d ago
To be honest he got what he deserves. In this day and age words can hurt a business and yes he was negative. They explained to him why they couldn't do it and he should have said ok cancel my order and refund me then took his business elsewhere. No he decided to run on social media and bash. To anyone who thinks this company was wrong put yourselves in their shoes. You make money buy good word of mouth or you lose it due to bashing. I like the companies response. F me no f u.
PsylentKiller  +   724d ago
If he was in their store, then fine. Kick him out, refund his preorder, and refuse his membership. However, he was not in their store and he was not speaking to their representatives. Even if he was speaking to them, over twitter, they should have stopped conversing with him all together or at least warned him of the repercussions. Instead, they added fuel to the fire by calling him out on his tweets to a friend when he was in fact apologizing for his behavior. This behavior on the part of shopto is unacceptable in any business. The customer is wrong if acting this way towards a representative but once that employee engages in the fight instead of deflecting to a manager or walking away the employee becomes the one at fault for contributing to the argument. How hard is it to say politely " I'm sorry, but we are not in the position to lower our price. We would like it very much if you purchased your console through us. But if you would like to buy it through someone else, we understand. I can refund you your money if you would like to do that now. "
LordDhampire  +   723d ago
I hope all you people don't actually believe the bull you guys are actually saying? Are you guys just all brainwashed feom the UK? Yeah people have freedom to say what they want, why shouldn't a retailer react how they want? Yeah do I say **** you to companys all the time yes, but I say it incprivate...in no way is twitter private...twitter is not a text, not a IM its public broadcast system to all your follows be it directed at someone or not everyone can read it. We need to hold people accountable for their actions, he acted childish and insulted a conpany in public, he might as well wrote it in stone and waved it around
PsylentKiller  +   723d ago

So people aren't allowed to post negative reviews if they don't like something. Googbye game journalists. Unless you have something positive to say keep your mouth shut. If you buy a video game don't ever think about posting a comment about it unless it is glowing with praise. Don't like a game, too bad. Whisper what you think about it to yourself and don't even dare to tell your friends or post it on a forum. I guess your telling me that you've loved everything you've ever bought and every company you have ever dealt with has been angelic? And if you didn't like it you never told a soul about your experience?
You've got to be kidding me?
RosweeSon  +   724d ago
... Wait for them to process the whole refund (could of taken days) well as I'd paid barely £20 took it into GAME and got cash for it ;) I even told shopto I wasn't happy at all this was no fault of my own and that I was going to sell the game and re coup my money that way, their response was that if the game wasn't returned my rewards balance would continue to show minus £20 and that they had no way of amending this until my game was returned, well as I explained I will not be held to ransom over something that I had no power over, I've used them countless times and they basically tell me any further games I purchased would recieve no reward points, well I would but they would pay off my overdrawn rewards balance, I swiftly cancelled all orders and told them to whistle, I understand all companies have procedures and things but if your not even willing to be helpful and then are gonna get all snotty nasty and treat you like crap I'd rather keep my money and shop elsewhere. Long story short, shopto while great when it works it can be awful when it goes wrong, and after emailing them so many times that their website just doesn't work doesn't load things and has more spelling mistakes that a 4 year olds English book I'm not interested, i loved red dead redemption. But I don't do business with cowboys, sorry about the rant but had to do it, Shopto can whistle!!
Gunnzie  +   724d ago
Shopto cancelled my account after I politely complained about an order that was never delivered. No abuse, no bad language. They just cancelled the whole account and banned my email address from re-registering. 100% genuine true story. They are crooked. Fact.
maximus1985  +   724d ago
you should keep proof of this like the guy in the article so that they can pretencd to apologise and then give you a free ps4 to save face
MaximusPrime_  +   724d ago

Apology statement from Shopto. They misunderstood who the swear word was directed to. Reinstated his account and offered PS4 Free of charge
Gunnzie  +   724d ago
Damage control only because it got posted on the internet. They would have done nothing otherwise. Plenty of other people complaining about Shopto's dodgy practices. Perhaps they should post on news sites too ;)
BG11579  +   724d ago
Whoa, that is a good way to loose costumers.
Don't they know, costumers are king?
Black-Helghast  +   724d ago
Okay, never buying from these dudes again. c:
RosweeSon  +   724d ago
As for simply games telling people you gotta buy a game or your order is cancelled, jog on!! We're your customers not guinea pigs/test subjects/toilet cleaners. Have a bit of a respect for your customers who keep you in business. I.e like Microsoft haven't been doing for there loyal launch fans who have had to re purchase the same console every year, I have no bias towards any company and I love all games an consoles but it's hard to ignore sony's ps4 with the level of services it's offering amount of free content and nintendo is just nintendo, wii u sucks , yeah see you in 12 months eating your hat, I bought 3Ds on launch day and endured 12 months or so of the same crap articles about how it was doomed... Yeah ok then just outsold wii in japan, wasn't the wii's biggest fan but it was cheap and it worked (my launch day model still works) my Super Nintendo still works for Christ sake, does my Xbox no I'm on at least my 4th console and yet they've barely scrapped to 75-80 million consoles worldwide, well I hope they enjoyed it as I can't see in a million years Microsoft will be that successful again, only really happened as Sony went and did a Kanye, went power mad and listened to their ego, now they are back in reality (something Microsoft wouldn't have a clue about) I seriously think Somy has got a real winner on its hands with the ps4, fanboys bring it on, I have a 360, ps3, wii u, 3Ds and vita (amongst others) I have no bias towards any but after a reasonably good 7 years on Xbox and serious lack of brand loyalty ( they couldn't give a rats about me or anyone as long as you give them you money) .but with new forza and dead rising being their big games it looks like a grim time to go buying a new Xbox same old same old, yawn!! I'm sure they'll pay for some exclusive awesome game but until this point halo cod assassins FIFA and all the bland things associated with an Xbox can jog on ;) and yeah I love a bit of FIFA, but not FIFA 14's roster update just play last years it's cheaper ;)

Went a bit off topic and on a bit of a rant but after weeks of reading Xbox vs ps4 and all the utter tripe I was reading just had to get it off my chest.
On failure rates Xbox wins hands down, by a country mile omission a white a black ( even sent one in for repair, dodgy disc drive for it to come back and red ring on me a week later... And that's apparently them fixing the console) think ill sit Microsoft out for a year or 2 initial they start throwing the cash at me, over £100 knocked off the original Xbox within 6 months on the market in the u.k might not be as big a price drop but if they don't sell this year early next, it goes without saying kinect will come out and prices will get dropped... Will that happen on a ps4 doubtful when it's £349 to start compared to the ps3's £425 launch price, yes I was down tesco on launchn;( doh!!! Haha.
RosweeSon  +   724d ago
That's brilliant for the chap maybe he can order his games from shopto as not paying for the console but too little too late, can they not read the message wasn't even sent to shopto as he sent it to his friend in a private conversation, I'm sorry but shopto can and have offered a great service numerous times but they use the worse couriers ever and if you ask them something not in their rule book they have a meltdown close your account or hold your loyalty points to ransom due to the shoddy website and technical issues their end, think ill just stick to the professionals and not no rip-off cowboys!!
RosweeSon  +   724d ago
Yeah avoid amazon at all costs unless you get in their early and preorder something much cheaper than it is gonna be sold for... Zelda limited edition strategy guide box set rrp £119.99 preordered for £57 go on then! ;) they can afford it haha, didn't it with god of war ascension collectors edition as well £55 instead of £70+, suck on that amazon, pay your taxes you robbing c***s
mhunterjr  +   724d ago
I don't know why the guy would want to say 'fuck you' to shop to. If they don't have the stock, they don't have the stock.

If you walk into a store and say that to a customer service rep, i wouldn't be surprised if they stopped doing business with you... I guess this is the online equivalent...
VGscene  +   724d ago
Shopto as issued an apology and our original article has been updated with details.
MaXsPoT  +   724d ago
You know, you can update the story here.
joeyisback  +   724d ago
now he gets his account and his PS4 for free if u read the update
Nicolee  +   724d ago
omg lol shopto please close my account too then.
isa_scout  +   724d ago
They were in the wrong, and apologized along with reinstating his account and giving him a PS4 free of charge. Bet he's glad this all happened now...Wish someone would give me a free PS4.
maximus1985  +   724d ago
imagine if amazon cancelled your account for a bad review? yeah FUCK shopto.
JuniorCE  +   724d ago

Lucky bastard... Now he is getting the PS4 for free LoL
WarThunder  +   724d ago
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llMurcielagoll  +   724d ago
This is quite unusual from a retailer to be this rude and screws over a customer's account.
#28 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Daves  +   724d ago
But is not a 'retailer' reply per say. Just an idiot employee who'll be in HR first thing Monday morning.

But, fine line between employee and retailer. So I agree.
Soldierone  +   724d ago
Every business I've learned about has always taught customer is king. As long as the customer is paying your business, you kiss their butt. Even the snobby ones that need a good punch in the face, you sit there and take their money.

Sure if he was bad mouthing the company constantly, that would lead to bad rep, but he wasn't. He was unhappy that the price wasn't matched, but kept the order there. If he had cancelled the order, then yeah they could have stepped in, but even then it would be to fix it and get his money back. How many people are selling a PS4, he could easily take his 400 dollars elsewhere, and future money elsewhere.
Daves  +   724d ago
Stupid overzealous employee, wields his banstick and shopto pay for it. Never used them but I know a lot of mates who do and get really good service.

Glad he's getting a free console though. He wasn't rude when replying to shopto.
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