UK Retailer Cancels Customer's PS4 Preorder Over Twitter Comments

UK retailer Shopto, winner of the MCV Specialist Retailer of the Year 2012, has apparently cancelled a customer’s PS4 preorder based on a Tweet he made to a friend.

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black0o1292d ago

those uk's retailers are sure A-wholes

Thegamer411292d ago

Wow...Iv preordered my PS4 from Shopto and this is the kind of people they have working there? As much as I love their fast deliveries, I dont think I would be buying my PS4 games from them since their prices do seems to be higher this gen compared to amazon and other places.
So many typos as well, You would think their customer service would proof read their messages before sending.

Welshy1292d ago

i wouldn't read too much into and wait for some kind of official statement.

I've used ShopTo since 2009 and they are awesome. Pricing is fair and depending how early you preorder I've had 90% of my orders a day before release.

The GAME retailer site is the biggest offender of being terrible in my opinion!

stavrami1292d ago

tbh although a uk company that looks like instant chat not sure how it works at shopto but reading the comments carefully there is a spelling mistake and slight misunderstanding on answers from shopto's side i have a feeling u go through to an indian/pakistan q&a switchboard and thats where this has taken place

FamilyGuy1292d ago

Why would e even give his account info/order number to them on twitter? Seems obvious that they were intending to delete him.

Funnier is that they were stalking his twitter post, lol. Crazy how twitter gets so many people in trouble.

thekhurg1292d ago

The guy got a FREE PS4 out of the whole thing. That's pretty awesome if you ask me.

hakeem09961292d ago


nukeitall1292d ago

This guy seems like a complete @ss. Too bad he a got a free PS4 out of the whole ordeal.

It is kind of sh!tty that consumers can freely abuse the retailer, with almost no recourse.

You wouldn't blink an eye if a retailer refused to serve a drunk disordely customer, because it affects you.

Because this doesn't affect you, you give them a free pass?

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Wintersun6161292d ago

You did mean to say "that particular Shopto employee was an A-hole", right? Generalizations are bad m'kay?

pogayoga11292d ago

Here's the story. had dropped the price of the PS4 Mega Bundle by £20 to £430, but the price was still £450 on Shopto, the location where this person ordered it. He tweeted Shopto, curious as to whether they would be dropping it too. They privately messaged him saying that no, they wouldn't. He didn't want to cancel his preorder because he wouldn't be guaranteed his purchase day 1. He then had a conversation on Twitter with one of his friends, which lead to this comment.

"@TheRocketMind Had games preordered at Shopto but switching them all to Amazon to say fuck you :)"

This tweet lead to Shopto closing his account and canceling his preorder.

For more: d.php?t=696508

Campy da Camper1292d ago

I have to side with the retailer. If I owned a business and saw a customer saying "f#$k them" on Twitter I would tell him to keep his money, don't need it that bad.

pogayoga11292d ago

@Campy da Camper
He never tweeted that comment the retailer.
The whole thing was to a friend. Also, their customer service was shit.

Baka-akaB1292d ago

I dont get how the hell can you even side with the retailer there . The guy has the right to discuss things with his friends , even if its to whine , without having to s*ck up to the retailer out of fear of not getting his orders .

What the hell are they even doing monitoring his tweets in the first place , when not directed to them ?

nukeitall1292d ago

It shouldn't matter if it is to his friend, when everyone can see the message.

Does it matter he said 'f you' to a friend when he said it over a loudspeaker?

matgrowcott1292d ago


You can set up keywords for the whole of Twitter. If you tweet something including a brand name or celebrity name, it'll be read by the person/brand you're talking about.

What's more surprising here is the amount of people that didn't realize this.

Baka-akaB1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I can't stand twitter personally . And even so , you do see who's mentioning you and can choose to ignore those pointless messages . I still say it's stalker behaviour .

Besides even if a public message , as long as it wasnt diffamation and a smear campaign , it's not their business what the customer think and says .

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JetsFool35001292d ago

Id take a retailer being an A-whole to me if I knew id be gettin a free ps4

Cloudyday711292d ago

The customer was upset because the big Sony PS4 bundle in UK is priced at £429 and professional retailers like are selling it for £429. But Shopto (a suspicious internet only Brit company) are charging preorder customers an extra £450 and if they don't pay it they will cancel the order. Shopto were angry that he raised the question and tried to silence him - but they can't silence the internet. I wish the police could shut down crooked companies .

Luthiens11292d ago

How does that sit with the " crooked company" shit

falviousuk1292d ago

What a load of Bollocks you are talking, try doing some research before spouting that load of bull just just typed up.

Sony3601292d ago

Convert those prices to dollars and see how badly Sony is screwing UK customrs.

Dasteru1292d ago

They replied back and admitted they f'd up, they had thought his comment was being made directly to them and that is why they canned the account. After they realised he was talking to a friend and not them, they reopened his account and are now giving him a PS4 for free. They have more than made up for the mistake.

black0o1292d ago

lucky Ba#$5 now he can use all that money to buy GAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSs

Beastforlifenoob1292d ago

I like the twitter icon on this page (Drooling)

TAURUS-5551292d ago


so theyre getting the money..what a bunch of fat bastards

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Clunkyd1292d ago

Hey Shopto. Go fuck yourself!

Now do something about it bitch.

Eamon1292d ago

lol they're giving the guy a free PS4 now. I say that's an amazing apology.

Silly Mammo1292d ago

@Clunkyd- Better hope there aren't any Shopto employees on this website. They might cancel your pre-order.

TheTwelve1292d ago

Haha, I love when internet trash-talkers pay for their careless words. Happens far too rarely.

mydyingparadiselost1292d ago

You mean his careless words to his friend about possible intentions to move orders because of prices?

abc12331292d ago

You've never complained about a company? Like, ever?

TheTwelve1292d ago

I don't publicly say F-U to a company, no.

Sony3601292d ago


It was said to a friend, and was none of their concern, so no.

awi59511292d ago

i bet he talks about microsoft every day this is N4g.

TekoIie1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

"As a way to make this up to the customer we have offered to restore his account and provide his PS4 free of charge."

His "careless words" got him a free PS4. He's going to be the luckiest guy at release if anything!

Sony3601292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

They gave him a free Ps4. He sure paid for it alright..

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blackberty1292d ago

Their customer service is shit. I questioned them on twitter about their claim to be cheapest in Uk and they instantly replied via dm very hostile. This doesn't surprise me. I only asked nicely out of curiosity :s

maximus19851292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

why is your name blackberty? is that supposed to be some racists idea of humor? and the nude profile pic needs to go clown

kidhero991292d ago Show
blackberty1285d ago

Sorry, have I offended you? Maybe you're a ShopTo employee ;)

Goro1292d ago

Wow, that ShopTo employee was an unprofessional dick.

Jihaad_cpt1292d ago

well yes, but this guy was a rude idiot first. Also I think British consumers are entitled brats

Sony3601292d ago

You have an asshole name.