GamesBeat: Skylanders Swap Force leaps over its predecessors with platforming elements (review)

Despite the slightly higher cost of admission ($75 versus $60), and the addictive yet very wallet-unfriendly collectible aspect, Skylanders Swap Force is still a great game and a great value for the content and replayability you get right out of the box.

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barefootgamer1770d ago

Between this and Pokemon, it's a good week to be a kid (or just young at heart).

Sadie21001770d ago

I wonder if Skylanders will still rock the sales with Disney Infinity out there. Infinity's got to have a huge advantage with that license.

deantak1770d ago

The war is on with Disney. I want to see this play out.

jounceman1770d ago

Toys and games = happy gaming...