Thrustmaster TX Xbox One wheel features detachable rim

VVV: "The latest development comes with the announcement that the TX will sport a detachable wheel rim, allowing players to swap over wheels easily with Thrustmaster's Quick Release system - a feature that is becoming common for high-end units, as demonstrated with Fanatec's Formula Rim."

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Boody-Bandit1685d ago

All indications is this wheel is coming without a clutch pedal. If that is the case it's a waste of time and money. Hopefully the item description is wrong and it willl have a clutch pedal and also it will be compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8RS shitter.

1685d ago
H0RSE1685d ago

The "Thrustmaster TH8RS shitter?" Is that some type of interactive toilet that assists with taking power dumps?

GrandpaSnake1685d ago

i like how x1 is taking the initiative with wheels. As a fan of racers in general it is why im looking forward to my x1,wheel and forza.

nategrigs1685d ago

I actually feel exactly opposite.

I think forza looks great, but I cant go back to using a controller and don't want to buy another wheel.

On the other hand, Driveclub looks much weaker, but its likely I will be able to use my g27 on the ps4.

I'll be super pissed if the ps4 doesn't support the Logitech wheels. I guess gt6 will hold me over till I can afford a new wheel.