Wii U Weekly Deals: 32 GB Deluxe Set + $50 GC for $299.99, B1G1 40% Off all Games & more

Wii U weekly deals and sales from Amazon, Toys R Us, BestBuy, Frys, Gamefly, Newegg, Groupon, Target, Walmart and Cowboom.

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AbortMission1437d ago

Still not in the $150-$200 range.

lilbroRx1437d ago

I've been saying the same thing about the PS4. The only way I will get one of those is when the Price drops to $200 or lower.

Its not worth it otherwise.

3-4-51437d ago

Current gen aren't even that cheap ABORT...what are you thinking ?

AbortMission1436d ago

For the current game support and hardware, I'd say that's more than enough for the Wii u.

bobsmith1437d ago

OMG I got one thank you so much
its basically 250 after 50 dollar gift card
I got a wii u pro controller for 40, and super luigi u for 30 for 20 dollars with the giftcard
320 total about 350 after tax
cant wait for 3d world and mario kart 8!!!

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1437d ago

damn, Wii U is having hot deals

1436d ago