New PS Vita Commercial Series Gets Even Weirder With Talking (and Playing) Statues

The new series of PS Vita commercials aired in Japan was already quite weird already with evolving bentos and colorful penguins, but looks like Sony isn’t done pushing the wacky button.

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Fullmetalevolust1736d ago

It's quirky at best, and kinda funny.
Also can be seen as a metaphor, you'll be frozen/stuck in the same position for hours like a statue while playing our awesome games? lol

360ICE1736d ago

PS VITA - Bring your game with you!

Except of course, that you will be frozen in the same position for hours like a statue.

UltimateMaster1736d ago

What works in Japan, won't work here.
(Thinks of crying baby)

FamilyGuy1736d ago

I think it's going more for a "PS Vita is a work of art" angle. I found this commercial very cute and funny. Maybe the angle is "with PS Vita even a stone-faced statue gets excited".

Taislin1736d ago

Clicked because of FFX XD

nix1736d ago

ok.. that was weird.

GdaTyler1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I'm glad their advertising this system. These are the only Vita ads I ever see. As weird as they are, I like it. :D

GdaTyler1736d ago

Sorry I was supposed to say "I'm glad they're advertising this system" Sorry for bad Grammar.

Losyak1736d ago

We're weird, get over it!