5 reasons I am getting an Xbox One

The Xbox One is not the media darling Microsoft wants it to be, but I for one will be buying it over the PS4 at launch. I was sold the Xbox One at the reveal, even though there was a lot of negativity regarding.

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Abriael1591d ago

Gotta love how many "writers" feel the need to validate this choice.

PixelNinja1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

But here are loads of other articles about the PS4 and WiiU which are exactly the same (X amount of reasons why you should buy X). Your point is valid for every console on the market.

JokesOnYou1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I actually thought it was some good reasons but I just think these type of articles from writers are unnecessary, probably would sound more professional if he titled it "5 Things I like about Xbox One".

Yes these have been done to death for both ps4 and X1.

FamilyGuy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Man, nothing wrong with wanting a certain console over another but these reasons were absolutely TERRIBLE. On top of that this guy isn't even American so part of one of his desired features isn't even supported in his region.

Of everything I'd say the fitness game was the best reason listed and that's only because a saw a trailer for it and it seemed pretty good with Kinect monitoring your progress and all. It could turn out great and it includes 3 well known/big name workout routines but for $500? Nope.

MS isn't doing enough for me but even I could've came up with 5 better reasons than these if I thought about it for a while.

Bad list! Bad!
*hits it on the nose with rolled up newspaper*

christocolus1590d ago


i agree with you but its the norm on n4g..every one wants to be heard..well that aside i do agree with the guy...but i see more reason with point 1,3 ,4 , 5 before point 2...i see majority of american parents getting the xbx at launch for their kids just for point one alone and then most cod fans( in short fps fans) will most likely pick up the console for the usual fps games including halo and gow and the fitness stuff will get the console into most homes in the usa..ladies who dont buy it themselves will push their brothers, boyfriends and husbands to get it just for that...the tv stuff could be really big if ms makes the kinect integration feel very intuitive and natural and also by constantly adding great content including sports shows and interactive tv shows for kids..excited to see how it all plays out.

nukeitall1590d ago

I thought those were 5 excellent reasons why I'm getting Xbox One, but I would add the unprecedented online multiplayer with *real* dedicated servers and not pseudo-P2P gaming experience.

The instant switching is another feature I really like. I can Skype with my girlfriend, what youtube video while playing a game, all at once!

However, one of the killer things is really the lineup for next year is killer with Quantum Break, Project Spark and of course Titanfalls!

All I have to say is jump in!!!

gaffyh1590d ago

He should have titled it 5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Xbox One, because nobody cares why he personally is getting one.

NatureOfLogic1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I couldn't care less about what console you choose to buy with your money. I can say that MS and Xbox One won't be seeing my hard earned money. MS switching their initial plans because of pre-order numbers is not convincing enough for me. That's the only reason I'll never buy Xbox One. I won't support their future attempts to try this plan again. I'm not trying to convince anyone though. It's your money.

Edit: Playstation and Nintendo are not angels by any means. The first time any of the two attempt what MS did they'll get the same treatment. Just so happens I like Playstation and they did the opposite of what MS attempted. But I don't need Sony, MS or Nintendo to enjoy games today.

strifeblade1590d ago


Parents getting their kids x1? Get real at 100$ more, parents are buying their kids a ps4 or wii u. The most expensive console never gets adopted by parents- not to mention the paystation brand is stronger than the xbox brand right now so its an easy choice for parents. The mature crows is heading to x1 and I for one am glad.

Freedomland1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

There's nothing wrong to have an opinion but the way some journalists title and write their articles, it feels like they are intentionally provoking the fanboys to go for a war.
According to me X1 is a wasted opportunity with some downgraded games but to someone else it's not.

DragonKnight1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

@nukeitall: Your entire comment sounds like it comes from a corporate pamphlet. I laughed specifically at this part...

"unprecedented online multiplayer with *real* dedicated servers and not pseudo-P2P gaming experience."

Unprecedented online? Really? So there is literally no other device in the history of existence with equal or better online? Wow.

*Real* dedicated servers and not pseudo-P2P gaming?

Coming from the company that brought P2P servers to console gaming? You do know that the PS3 had more games with dedicated servers than the Xbox 360 right? And yet somehow you think that that's going away with the PS4?

Your MS masters really dry-jammed their PR right up your nether regions didn't they?

4Sh0w1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Personally I'd switch #5 to #1 and I have some other reasons but these are some of the better reasons with explanations on why someone would get an X1.

5. Launch Games
4. Xbox Fitness
3. Mainstream
2. TV Integration
1. Kinect 2

Well looking at his reasons, heres my quick take:

I think X1 definitely has the best launch lineup.

Xbox Fitness looks to be a killer workout application.

Mainstream is not a big deal for me but its always smart business to have deals for 2 major multi games like COD and Fifa, they also have timed exclusive DLC deal for BF4 too which he didn't mention.

I'm excited to see how all the TV integration will actually work out, I like their plans so far.

Kinect 2, yep I think by micro including this in every box is going to prove to be a very smart move, also the fact that they have made it an integral part of the UI means that Kinect 2 is going to be huge for X1 going forward and its implementation in games is going to continue to grow for years to come.

Gozer1590d ago

I agree that Kinect is a big reason that I am going with the X1. In game video chat is the natural evolution to online chat. And the voice recognition screams next-gen. I don't really care about motion controls, but I can see how that could appeal to the younger crowd, or even good for parties.

I would have listed dedicated servers as a reason. The cloud is bringing online gaming to where it should be for a paid online service. These are real dedicated servers for the X1 btw. Not some PR way of saying P2P servers, like the ps4. We are seeing games like the award winning Titanfall depending on the cloud. As well as huge 3rd party games like COD:Ghosts taking advantage of MSs cloud. I certainly would have added the cloud as one of my reasons to go with the X1.

sinjonezp1590d ago

One big reason. Price. I look at 500 for the system. Battery packs because the system does not include rechargeable ones. Then having to purchase gold. I know everyone wants to say the same bout ps4 but when you look at it, the price of entry on the xb1 is significantly more than the ps4; even if one was to buy the pseye. I look at exclusive titles and think, which games make me want to drop at least 600 dollars on. I am doing the same thing with ps4. Will I want to pay that much to get ryse? Forza? Killer instinct?Or killzone or drive club. Looking at the first parties is what is going to sell me on the entry. Is it worth it? That's the main thing.

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DeadManIV1590d ago

Their validations aren't too great either,eh.

gameonbro1590d ago Show
Mikelarry1590d ago

exactly, this gen there seems to be alot of these unknown writers posting validation articles about them getting the xbox one a discussion they should be having with their friends not the internet as we do not care

NatureOfLogic1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

"I was sold the Xbox One at the reveal, even though there was a lot of negativity regarding" Nuff said. You're a fanboy. If you switch Xbox with Playstation 4 right now, I would buy Xbox One over Playstation 4. Brand loyalty is stupid. Xbox fans willing to get screwed and still support MS. I just don't get it.

mouzone1590d ago

as someone getting both day one i really could careless about this continuing console bashing/cock riding but please explain to me how someone who is not affected by any of the issues that some people have with microsoft and the xbox one is getting screwed and how they are also a fanboy for liking a console with "issues" people have there own preferences it has nothing to do with being a fanboy seems like you and some others have made it your mission to ridicule anyone getting an xbox one its funny to me

B_Real1590d ago

I wouldn't consider myself a fanboy but I wanted an Xbox One after Microsoft's conference for one reason: the games they showed looked great. Some people may disagree but they brought many new IPs to the table which was a big reason why people had been hatin' on Microsoft for the past few years. Also, call me optimistic or naive but I was willing to humor the DMR for several reasons: 1) I want game developers to receive money for great games; 2) I was under the impression that it would be a console version of steam with sales and deals, etc.; 3) Microsoft could have created a whole new pricing structure where not all games could have to cost 60 bucks because in all honesty most games aren't worth 60 bucks. If Microsoft ended up being greedy and unscrupulous I could have traded in my Xbox One for a PS4 with little economic loss. It was a gamble I was willing to take. In all honesty, with the family sharing I would have saved hundreds of dollars because my brother buys most games. I'm getting an Xbox One for launch because it has games I want to play for the next 6 months. I'll finally get a Wii U when Mario Kart 8 comes out in the spring. And I'll get a PS4 probably next fall or maybe earlier. PS4 looks great but Infamous: Second Son is the only game that I have seen gameplay of that I really want to play (Killzone: Shadow Falls looks great but previous Killzones were mediocre to me so I have trepidation with that title). I don't think the Order or Deep Down will come out until the fall (thought I might be mistaken, does anyone know their release dates?) so there isn't as much incentive to purchase one at the moment in my opinion. But I can totally understand why someone would prefer a PS4 over an Xbox One. I think last generation was great and I think next generation will be great. The close competition between Sony and Xbox has really made gaming great for the consumer and both Xbox and Playstation are both great consoles regardless of what fanboys have to say.

malokevi1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I was happy with the original conception the XBOX as well. If disagreeing with you makes me a fanboy, them I guess that makes the biggest of all fanboy... even though I'm getting both consoles at launch. Go figure!

redwin1590d ago

B-real, bubble up. I will tell u all this, I am getting both day one but all this hate by the PS4 fans is making me tell people on line that I'm not getting it. The association is getting disgusting, and to prove it watch the disagree pile up and the hating start. Being the must powerful console means nothing, it has been proven over and over again. Consoles are not computers.

JokesOnYou1590d ago

B Real Very well said, best post of the day.

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brave27heart1590d ago

5 reasons why I dont care....

solar1590d ago

all console fanboys do it here. who are you kidding. PS4 Extremists claim their exclusives are the best while attacking reviewers that dont give them good scores.

BLAKHOODe1590d ago

And what's wrong with that?

To each his own. I'll never understand why people feel the need to bash the choices of others when those choices don't match their own. And it's not just with game consoles, but pretty much everything in life.

Tell me WHY I - who you do not know - should follow your lead and get your preferred choice? What good is it going to do me to be playing something YOU like, instead of something I like? And why should I even care what YOU like? Why should you even care what I like? You can disagree with me. Bash me. Attack me. Tell me how stupid I am. I could do exactly the same. But what is the point? At the end of the day, anyone in their right mind is going to choose what THEY want, NOT what some stranger on the internet wants.

I went through this already in High School and I suspect that's where a lot of the people doing the bashing still are. When you get older, you grow out of that. You become more self aware of what YOU like and not worry so much about impressing others by getting what THEY like.

It's my money. Money I earned. Money I'll be spending for MY entertainment. Not yours.


Well said. People tend to criticize what they perceive are another's faults...such as when they make a mistake or are not doing things "right".

Please note that those who criticize seem to take note under the pretense of "trying to do you a favor" when in reality their observation (made public of course) is to satisfy their own agenda of self superiority.

This conclusion I have drawn stems from the question of why these people never seem to jump in "trying to do you a favor" when your homeless, hungry, or in true need of assistance, like being broken down in the middle of the road.

This need for doing favors seems greatest when acting out a form of control over another in order to provide that "favor". For example, a sudden presence to tell me I need to have, buy, or do something when they were never there to oversee the other needs in my life....needs I responsibly provided for myself the other 99% of the time.

redwin1590d ago

@blackhoode, I'm gonna copy and repost . You should be called truth

Faztkiller1590d ago

The same reasons im not getting one

JustPlay41590d ago

How come no one every has 5 good reasons to get the x1?

tethered1590d ago

Does the camera still need to be plugged in?

tethered1590d ago

Just for clarification... now we will be able to unplug the camera and the One will still work? Last I heard was that you had to have it plugged in but could turn off the camera.

There is a huge difference to me.

If you can now play with it unplugged then great job Microsoft. Thats what I needed to hear.

Is this the new policy?

aceitman1590d ago

being that ms is trying to market xboxone as a tv feature , will it be overshadowed by this
and this
so y should people buy Kinect when ur cable co and tvs have it.

Mithan1590d ago

So? How many "I am getting a PS4" news threads do we need?

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GameNameFame1590d ago

X1 and PS4 has its own advantages.

I think we are old enough to make our own decisions instead of trying to explain validate and defend his/her choice.

asmith23061590d ago

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

kenmid1590d ago

I'm pretty sure the article clearly states on why he choosing his console, it didn't say anything about new.

ZHZ901590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

About the Launch Title: You should look more at the games that'll be released weeks or months or years later after X1 release even the games that haven't announced yet not at only games releasing day one like DR3, Ryse, KI and Forza and that's it or just the so called announced games for so far and that's it.(This also goes to PS side not just Xbox side)

Xbox Fittness... why don't you just go to gym?

As for CoD and Fifa thier exclusive contents are just timed and will be released later on PS4 so no difference about this.

TV... why don't just get a resever? (Even if PS4 has a TV I would still tell you should get a resever)

As for Kinect 2, ok I won't comment on that and if I have something I'll just edit.

Pancit_Canton1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

5 Reasons I should tell you that I don't give a ____ what you buy.

1. Insecurity
2. Insecurity
3. Insecurity
4. Insecurity
5. Insecurity

WeAreLegion1590d ago

Hi, this is Matt with Insecurity. Is everything alright?

MiHX21590d ago

If this game (SCD) Won't be on Xbox One then I will not buy it.