WRC 4 Vita gameplay - Australia and Portugal

VVV: "Again, it's encouraging to see WRC 4 has been uncompromised in its handheld Vita port this time round, featuring all the cars, stages and in-depth career mode found in the console game. As well as being one of the most graphically advanced driving games to date on the Vita, it should also prove to be one of the most challenging. "

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axerated1807d ago

I'm in the market for a decent racer on my Vita so this could be worth getting, anybody wanna recommend any others?

Riderz13371807d ago

NFS Most Wanted Vita version is actually pretty good in my opinion. Looks great too.

PoSTedUP1807d ago

what riders said. and this will deff be worth getting. WRC3 was great despite the lack of content, wrc4 is a 150% improvement on the vita.

N4GCB1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

The problem with NFS Most Wanted and pretty much every damn racing game out there currently on the market aside from Gran Turismo, they all suffer from excessive oversteer, every car you drive will turn waaaaaay to much, and that's not how cars are, some oversteer, some under steer, some have great steering. This is why I've dropped racing games as of late, they all control like garbage now.

Now as WRC seems to have proper controls at least so it seems like a worthwhile investment.

I still want something that isn't JUST rallying though, since how cars control are pretty different compared to track races.

PoSTedUP1806d ago

@cire- most wanted is an arcade racer, mostly to give you the feeling you can drift around every corner away from cops, because that is cool lol.

and wrc has tarmac (road), dirt, gravel, sand, mud, rain, ice, snow, and a mixed percentage of thoes said e.g. 75%dusty tarmac and 25% gravel. and suprisingly the physics in the game are spot on, especially when you tweak your car setting it replicates everything very well, you hav to shift correctly break and counter steer if you want to make it around thoes corners like a pro.

man all this talk is getting me sp hyped for this game!

N4GCB1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

@PoSTedUP Thanks for shedding some light on the WRC series, I'll be looking forward to WRC4 when it comes out.


PoSTedUP1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

no doubt, thanks anytime. lf you like gran turismos rally, wrc is second best imo. if you look at real rally races, wrc replicates it near perfectly. as well as great damage physics.

axerated1806d ago

Cheers man ill check it out, only racer i've played on my vita is wipeout, which was awesome, but I want something with wheels now...

AbortMission1806d ago

I wished they could have optimized the text and resolution for the game though. Other than that, NFS MW is a darn good game on the Vita.

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HighResHero1806d ago

This is great news as a new Vita owner.

kB01806d ago

I like wrc3 a lot, still play it.

I actually found it very challenging, which is good and bad thing for me:P. The lack of content didn't really bother me since its a portable unit I think people are expecting way too much from the Vita. I mean the 3Ds is looked at as a portable console and compared to psp, ds and like phones... the vita they always compare to home consoles, which is very challenging to compete with...

I hope they improved on the graphics though, I remember when I go off-road the grass starts showing up through the floor of the car:P Its not a big deal but it takes the imersion out:P

N4GCB1806d ago

The graphics may not stay the same but you can ussually keep the entire game, unless the assets are unable to be shrunk, which is rarely yhe case.

Atelier Meruru Plus for the PSVita, is a port of a ps3 game with all it's dlc, AND more.

Persona 4 the Golden is a port of a PS2 game and has once again more content.

Muramasa Rebirth is a port of a wii game and should have more content but wow are they taking forever to do that.

The thing is you can have full console experiences on the vita, it's just whether or not the developer is up for the challenge.

but yeah if I can play full ps1 games, full ps2 games, full ps3 games on the vita, then why do vita games have to be developed with "inferior content" in mind.

anywhoo none of this was meant to be mean but I just really don't like the idea of a gimped game simply because it's portable.

kB01806d ago

But it's a realistic outcome. Don't forget there are memory constraints. I mean a Blu ray can hold much more content and textures than the vita game could. Also remember devs have to keep in mind that not a lot of players have a 100$ 32 GB card or a 60$ 16 GB card. On avg we see games are around 3-almost 4 GB, which seems to be the restriction of what they can do.

Although cutting content might not be ideal, it's something they HAVE to do sometimes.

CaptCalvin1806d ago

you gotta realize the bar wouldn't have been raised and wrc4 still would've been gimped if peopled hadn't complained.

kB01806d ago

Yes I understand that, there is nothing wrong with complaining or constructive criticism, but you have to understand both sides before you begin to complain about a dev decision.

erikthegman1806d ago

Sonic and all stars racing transformed on vita is pretty fun as well. The online is dead though. Now we just need Dirt on vita

paul-p19881806d ago

F1 2011 is my main racing game on the Vita, and it's brilliant, but i have been looking for another racer.

This may just be the one!

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