Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Top 10 Next-Gen Video Games

A look at some of the most promising games next-gen has to offer.
The following games are all next-gen only releases (though some launch on the perennial next-gen platform we call PC.)

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ABeastNamedTariq1771d ago

The Order is my most anticipated game (as of now) for next year, followed by Infamous. Then MGS V. The Witcher 3. Maybe Dragon Age: Inquisition? Oh, and, Halo 5. I'm definitely getting an Xbox for that next year. Or if they announce a new Gears game. I'm also looking forward to Titanfall, of course. And quite possibly Fable Legends (have to hear more about that though).

If FFXV comes out next year, that too. KH3 whenever that comes out.

And I can't forget the possibilities! Fallout 4? The Last Guardian? Agent? Persona 5? Naughty Dog's next game? Yes please.

This is a great time for gaming. SO MANY GAMES! I'm loving it.

ZHZ901771d ago

There are too many games in my mind I am also looking forward too.

Oh God please help the wallet.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1771d ago

I cant wait for infamous second son, the order, and dead nation 2 all hopefully out in first 5 months, oh also destiny is that console exclusive? dont think i ever heard it mentioned for PC.

sigfredod1770d ago

Infamous SS, killzone SF, Driveclub, War Thunder, Deep Down and the Agency for me

MYDEATH211770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Games I'm most excited for might not be coming out anytime soon but i can wait a little longer. The Last Gaurdian, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy XV ^_^ I can't wait to see what The Last Gaurdian will look like on the PS4!

Gster1770d ago

Is that Rest In Pieces? :p

I can relate!

sincitysir11770d ago

The order. I have never been so excited for a game that isn't releasing til probably a year from today!!

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OrangePowerz1770d ago

Knack seems a bit odd for the list. I will probably have some fun playing it but top 10? Deep Down, DriveClub or Forza 5 would be more fitting than Knack.

MizTv1770d ago

I feel like knack will be in plus for free download sooner rather than later

sincitysir11770d ago

As much as I much knack to succeed, I agree

webeblazing1770d ago

half of the list is multiplat. its funny the best look game on there the witcher 3 wasn't even announced for next gen consoles at first.

ZHZ901770d ago

"half of the list is multiplat"

Doesn't make a difference.

webeblazing1770d ago

thought it was going to be all exclusives. everyone knows its multiplats are on every platform, why not show exclusive so they can research or is that to much work.

TheFallenAngel1770d ago

Not having forza there is a crime. looking forward to killzone, the order 1886 and second son.

christocolus1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

those im most looking forward to outside the launch window are quantum break the division and infamous ........halo5,uncharted4(im so hoping im right) and titanfall are constants for me though..didnt add them cos they were not listed in the article....keeping an eye on the order too.

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