NZGamer: Sega Superstars Tennis Review - 'Sega's top mascots hit the tennis court'

NZGamer writes: "Have you ever picked up Mario Tennis and wondered what it would be like with Sega characters in place of Mario & co? Wonder no more because Sega Superstars Tennis brings everyone's favourite hedgehog - along with almost every other mascot from the past two generations - to the tennis court.

The characters include AiAi (Super Monkey Ball), Nights (Nights into Dreams) and, of course, their main mascot Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog). Sega has a good track record with Tennis games with their quality Virtua Tennis series, so it's no surprise that they would try their luck with a tennis title featuring their biggest mascots. Although Sega Superstars Tennis looks like a shameless Mario Tennis clone on the outside; a bunch of mascots thrown together in a genre - unrelated to their specialties. It does everything Mario Tennis does - only better."

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