Forza Motorsport 5 and Xbox One - Hands On

Recently, I had the opportunity to get hands on with Forza Motorsport 5 and the Xbox One controller. Check out the video below to see Forza Motorsport 5 gameplay and the Xbox One controller in detail. My detailed impressions of both experiences can be seen when you click the link below.

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SlapHappyJesus1559d ago

Anyone know if there is confirmation on another Horizon release?

mcstorm1559d ago

No nothing confirmed on another horizon but I hope we do see another one I loved horizon. Also dose any one know if forza 5 has head tracking like 4 did?

robotgargoyle1559d ago

Pretty sure I read that there is head tracking. Gotta utilize that Kinect 2.0 if it's packed-in!

mcstorm1559d ago

I agree needs to be in the game liked it on forza 5 was great for online play in car,

Mega241559d ago

there was a rumor of a another type of exclusive being developed with the help of Turn 10, so there might be another Horizon or a new IP racer for Xbox One.

christocolus1559d ago

hope its pgr but i wouldnt mind a brand new ip.

SlapHappyJesus1559d ago

Thanks for the responses.
Horizon was definitely my favorite racer of this generation. Just enjoyed the overall feel of the game and thought that they did well with the setting.

MikeNike3101558d ago

Wow really your favorite? I'll have to check it out. I kind of slept on it

TechMech21559d ago

I heard that playground games is working on a next gen Forza game.

GuyThatPlaysGames1559d ago

*Waiting for all the GT fanboys to come bash this game lol*

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christocolus1559d ago

im with you bro.....halo5..yeaaah

Kevin263851559d ago

I seriously can't wait to play it after using the controller yesterday. Hopefully 343 learns from their mistakes with Halo 4 and rebounds with Halo 5.

IHassounah1559d ago

The controller is amazing , I tested it's vibration and they gave you some feel to feel that your in the game (amazing feel) , it's a little heavy but compared to the PS4 dual shock 4 , I have to say the weight of it is better than the PS4's Weight , the dual shock 4 is so light that you can't feel something is in your hands so I give one point to Microsoft for making the weight of the Xbox controllers there

christocolus1559d ago

be rest assured bro. 343 will definitly do a great job..not all the guys at bungie actually left and the new guys are from some of the best studios out there..and ms has doubled the size of most of their inhouse studios rare,lionhead,343, blacktusk,mgs osaka etc 343 alone is rumored to be working on 2 unannounced titles outside halo5...that aside Guys im envious ..this aint fair. how come you get to play with the xbx one and that awesome controller before most of us..couldnt you sneak just one unit out ? 22 ....all the way

TechMech21559d ago

Originally I was upset with halo 4, but it later became my favorite of the series.

FITgamer1559d ago

@IHassounah It's odd that you say the Xbox One controller is heavier because pretty much every review that has been on here about the controllers said the DS4 was heavier than the Xbox One controller.

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Viking_Socrates1559d ago

Would love to test the Xbox One out, especially Forza 5 as I've already spent countless hours on the Forza franchise already. The controller actually looks and from perspectives I've heard feels amazing, so hopefully when I do get the Xbox One(eventually) I have the same positive experience.

Kevin263851559d ago

Do you know if the Xbox One Tour is coming to a place near you? You can check here...

Kevin263851559d ago

@FITgamer @IHassounah It could be due to the fact that the controller is hardwired in during the events. That might add to the weight.

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