Skylanders SWAP Force Review – A Franchise that Continues to be so Much Fun | C.O.G.

After playing Skylanders SWAP Force The_Outcast over at COG walks away wondering what the heck can they do next, as this one is so refined and so fun.

"Well that time has come. The time when fall leaves are hitting the ground, there is a chill in the air, and Activision is set to release a new iteration of the Skylanders franchise. Skylanders SWAP Force should be on store shelves when you read this. Having two kids of my own (aged 7 and 9) this franchise has found a home with them. We’ve been lucky enough to play the series since its inception and this latest release is the third in the series. A few new gameplay elements have been introduced to “spice” things up. So, how does SWAP Force fare? Well, I’d have to say not bad, not bad at all."

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Dunban671741d ago

Who is going to come out on top this holiday; Disney Infinity or Skylanders? My money is on Skylanders- There have not been too much press re Disney Infinity since its release so I think their sales have been disappointing so far-otherwise we would be hearing lots more noise- maybe they are ust working out some of the kinks - it would be nice if Infinty turns out to be a great game but for now I think I will stick w Skylanders for my kids