More Super Mario 3D World screenshots/art

Check out more new screenshots and art from Super Mario 3D World.

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josephayal1737d ago

Meh! I was expecting something of. another caliber like M64 and Mario Galaxy

Realplaya1737d ago

I honestly think this game has the potential to be better than galaxy. I looked at the video for the guy who does the in depth analysis and this game incorporates a lot of things into it.

1737d ago
jameson123451737d ago

I recommend looking at the new trailers, and ign play through some of the levels. It really changed my mind about this game. I'm totally looking forward to this game now, and based of the comments on other articles like this and the gameplay videos, others feel the say way too.

mcstorm1737d ago

I agree I am really excited about the new Mario game as well as the Sonic Lost Worlds game so its nice to be excited about to classic icons of gaming again. Big year for the WiiU for me over the next 12 months it has some must own games for it.

3-4-51737d ago

I still want Mario 64-2.

My most wanted/anticipated game since 1996.

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nevin11737d ago

I'm sorry but I find only 1(or is it 2?) tablet limit on WiiU odd.

R00bot1737d ago

What does that have to do with the game?

And it's 2 :) (one right now since you can't buy separate tablets anyways).

Realplaya1737d ago

Over the years, Nintendo has created two distinct categories of Mario games: 3D titles like Galaxy, and 2D releases such as New Super Mario Bros.

The Big N attempted to blend the two gameplay types with Super Mario 3D Land. This is now being taken a step further with Super Mario 3D World, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.

When ONM asked if Super Mario 3D World is trying to appeal to all types of Mario fans, Miyamoto responded:

“Yes, with the Mario games you have the 2D side-scrolling games and you have the Mario Galaxy games, which are the 3D titles. People tend to prefer one of those over the other. What we tried to do with Super Mario 3D Land, and what we’re trying to do with Super Mario 3D World is to create a type of three-dimensional Mario game that bridges that gap. We’re trying to do that more with Super Mario 3D World, in particular with the gyro controls, and to try and do that in a way that will enable fans of both to really enjoy playing Mario.”

Emme1737d ago

Now gimme a proper classic Castlevania and Metroid with that visual quality.

PopRocks3591737d ago

You'll have to ask Konami about Castlevania. A new Metroid is not far off since Donkey Kong is just about done. Give it another couple of years.