Hideo Baba Answers A Few Tales Fan Questions Over At NYCC 2013

AbyssalChronicles: "Tales Series Producer Hideo Baba answers a few fan questions at New York Comic Con 2013."

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Austin481519d ago

Good ol hideo baba always makes me laugh I can't wait until they announce the next tales game

Sly-Lupin1519d ago

Thought they did a while back. Zestoria, isn't it?

a7451519d ago

Zestiria was just a trademark filed. It doesn't necessarily mean it'll be the next Tales game.

Juste_Belmont1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I played my first Tales of game on the Wii this gen. It may not have been the best introduction to the series, but it was enough to get me interested and I'm glad that they're becoming more open to bringing the games west. SE has opened up a gap in terms of their lack of RPGs on the PS3 and Graces F and Xillia have filled it for me.