Battlefield 4 Beta: "Visceral EA" Easter Egg Discovered

Look at that, a Reddit user had found a interesting easter egg related to “Visceral EA” in on-going Battlefield 4 beta. The “Visceral EA” was found “on the tower behind D on conquest large”. Check out the image below.

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JoGam1559d ago

Honestly...Who cares. Its nothing really.

GlowingPotato1558d ago

Dead Space + FrostBite. Lol

They fucked with dead space soo bad =/

TekoIie1558d ago

DS3 was such a big appointment :(

Was I the only person who wasn't a fan of custom weapons for Dead Space? Its just one of those games where I prefer a static weapon selection rather than a, "build your own Fatman!".

TekoIie1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I apologize. It's my phones auto correct :(

I meant disappointment :)

Agent20091558d ago

Visceral is currently working on a Star Wars game, and that might be a sign they're gonna announce it soon. I think?


TekoIie1558d ago

I think Visceral would've made 1313 brilliant! They really dont get much credit for the cinematic sections of DS2:

When you look at that it's not too much different from what 1313 was trying to accomplish. I hope they did pick up 1313 because I was loving the thought of a Boba Fett game :)

porkChop1558d ago

Unfortunately 1313 was scrapped when LucasArts shut down.

porkChop1558d ago

Doubtful. Even Battlefront hadn't started development when they debuted the teaser trailer for it. EA just signed the Star Wars deal earlier this year. The games won't be out for another 2 or 3 years, and probably won't be announced til at least next E3.