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"Last Weekend at rAge 2013, we here at the MAGE managed to get some hands on time with Microsofts unreleased Next-Gen Console, the Xbox One and I have to say, I was extremely impressed."

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obelix01989d ago

Can't wait to get my X1.

abusador988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Do you do YouTube videos? I'm getting my ps4 at launch and plan on making one of the many ps4 unboxing videos but I'd also like to see some xb1 videos of gamers like you tht frecuent this site.


Yeah i hear you, I'll be ecstatic and engulfed on just figuring all the cool things to do with my ps4. What is your YouTube, maybe I can search you on Xbone release day or day after and see. I'm curious how ppl enjoy their purchase.

CRAIG667988d ago

I might do one, I have the day one/Forza5 bundle.
That is if I can control the urge to get it set up within 2 mins of it arriving!

mewhy32988d ago

PS4 day one baby!!! Already got a pre-order with killzone and a second DS4

stavrami988d ago

when i had hands on the controller felt clunky and cheaply made in fact i pressed the y button and it fell off. i looked in the vents at the top there was a little mouse inside trying to get out.that was the final straw i don't buy products that have been tested on animals

XB1_PS4988d ago

at first I was like "That sounds like a bold face lie, The Y button FELL OFF?" And then I read the mouse part. Nice trolling.

stavrami988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

thank u its nice to be appreciated. most the time us trolls just get told to go away :-((

Stuntz988d ago

This console is going to be so amazing, cant wait to unbox it at midnight. I have the perfect spot for it already lol, and got enough cash to the side for 3 games at launch this is going to be an amazing generation for Xbox.

shahab91988d ago

Nice. X1 will be a great system. I am happy for my fellow xbox fans. Great times ahead for gamers.

hankmoody988d ago

Comments like this prove that there is still a glimmer of hope for civilized console discussions on N4G.

skydragoonity988d ago

Can't deny this system will actually be good.. In the end it all comes down to choice.

AceofStaves988d ago

Exactly. It's not about which console is better. It's about which console is best suited for your individual preferences.

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