PS3 Poll Police: How was your experience getting a Konami ID?

A lot of people have been clamoring to get a spot in the Metal Gear Online beta and for the most part, everyone's been allowed. A few hiccups with broken codes, but Konami has vowed to help those afflicted by such misfortunes. The Poll Police are on a quest this week to see how your experience signing up for this event has measured up compared to the horror stories circulating on PS3 forums worldwide.

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Acid3866d ago

Who the hell cares other than Xbox fans bitter over the game never coming out for their platform?

Every real PS3 owner has long since gotten their code, downloaded the game and patches and is ready to go whenever the beta officially goes live. Be that today, tomorrow, or whenever.

We'll be happily playing GT5P, Warhawk, Superstartdust HD, etc until the servers are up.

sonarus3866d ago

Common man no need to defend konami. They fvkd up and thats the bottom line ...cus stone cold said so.

Seriously though it really doesn't look like konami was ready for the MGS4 demand. Leaves me a bit worried over the state of MGO but i am glad this beta will give them the opportunity to iron out these issues.

tethered3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

How did they F-up? Remember this is the online beta people.

I have had my pre-order for 5 days and just today (20th April)I got registered.

Yes thats one whole day before it goes up. The little slip of paper I got with my pre-order says the beta starts on 21st April.

If the servers are up and running tomorrow then please explain to me how they F-up.

TruthBTold3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

but [email protected] it was worth it, I have been waiting longer for this game than the few hours it took me to get the id's, think I would give up when Im so close? Patience my fellow gamers, its almost here and when we finaly meet in MGO and all its glory we shall rejoice and celebrate and look back at all we went through to get there. I will see you all on the other side

[GAME ID] t-ruth.b_told25

BTW thank you all who gave tips and instructions about how to get the id through Firefox. Your assistance is appreciated. bubbles to you next time I see you.

LinuxGuru3866d ago

GAME ID - john_vanders87

It took me about 1 hour, until I tried autoformer addon for firefox. It worked the first time.

Rice3866d ago

my id is rice2rice....
so what do i do with the so clueless..

Goodfella783865d ago

im in the uk and ive been trying since last night,anbody got any clue when and if this problem will be solved?plz pm me with any info on my problem being online id is paulbilly,when it works that is..peace out......

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