Shuhei Yoshida Confirms that You Can Charge the New PS Vita With Any Smartphone Micro USB Charger

The new PCH-2000 replaced the old proprietary port with a proper Micro USB port, but does that mean that you can just leave its own charger home and use the standard Micro USB charger from your smartphone instead?

It’s not even mentioned in the manual, but according to SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida you can.

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GdaTyler1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

That's cool that they're using micro usb now. The only thing I want back by the PCH-3000 is the OLED screen.

Judging by how the PSP's pattern was, we should see it in 1-2 years max.

dericb111650d ago

Watch the Iphone user say why can't it work with my charger.

GdaTyler1650d ago

lol. You'll hear the complaints come flooding in. Just you see indeed.

miyamoto1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

now if we can have 8-16 GB standard internal memory like smart phones do...that will be very compelling.

Some MHL functionality wouldnt hurt either.

UltimateMaster1649d ago

That's a smart move from Sony's part.
No need to keep that proprietary cable that's expensive and a drag.

The reason why it doesn't have OLED is because of the cost, and if you want a better price, well the new PS Vita will be a better choice.

Either LED or OLED, the games will still be amazing. They'll improve the tech on the OLED, have it cost less, and then they'll release it when they will release it.

Like they said, If There Is A Demand for it (OLED), then they will release it again, but the poor sales of the Vita simply proved otherwise.

shahab911650d ago

That's good. ^____________^

RiPPn1650d ago

If only they had went to a standard memory like Micro SD they would have hit this thing out of the ballpark, maybe theres hope for it in the PCH-3000 model.

BTBuck11650d ago

Shame on you Sony for not using the standarized Apple iCord... I will never buy your products ever, Viva La XbOx!

SoulSercher6201649d ago

OMG an Xbox fanboy not buying a Sony product.

Simply shocking.

UltimateMaster1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

OMG, so much dislike just because people saw the second sentence before the first.

The guy was CLEARLY Sarcastic.

BTBuck1 would have to be stupid to even mean what he was saying.
Apple would NEVER Allow any other company to use Their cable.

TechMech21649d ago

Thank you for your statement. It was truly important for us to read that.

bulbulito1649d ago

Sorry BTBuck1, sarcasm doesn't travel well on the internet. Add /sarcasm next time so that other folks can understand your meaning.

r211650d ago

Im slowly leaning to buying a vita2.0 if ever my original vita dies.

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The story is too old to be commented.