CRYENGINE has potential - New indoor scenes blur the line between reality and video-games

DSOGaming: "Well, get ready for some extra CRYENGINE treatment as modder Paravach has presented an amazing indoor scene from a new map. Believe it or not, this is rendered via CRYENGINE, though we don't know if it's actually playable with current gen systems."

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Yep1802d ago


This is the visuals on PS4 and Xbox One mean nothing to me and why I usually go with a Nintendo console as a home console. PC already gives me my graphics fix.

mohuzas1802d ago

i thought WiiU runs the new CryEngine?

Yep1802d ago

It does, which is great, but this is PC.

HeavenlySnipes1802d ago

Unfortunately there are zero PC titles that look like this

Yep1802d ago

Do you often miss the point?

Rivitur1802d ago

There are already games that have photorealistic outdoor graphics so the reason you don't see indoors is really just developers saying it looks so bland and boring.It is very possible to have running demos with these graphic up and running today. NEVER underestimate PC dev+Modders when it comes to Graphics.

come_bom1802d ago

Mehhh... my camera takes better pics then this. /s

HeavenlySnipes1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

"PC already gives me my graphics fix"

You are on an article about a 3D render of a room using Cryengine 3.

You post "this is [why] the visuals on PS4 and Xbox One mean nothing" implying that there are any PC games that look like this model.

There are zero games on PC that look like this, so what point am I missing? Did your post mean that you enjoy looking at pictures of renders over the graphics of real time gameplay?

andrewer1802d ago

He probably meant that it was made on a PC, and is something far away from PS4/Xbox One capabilities, and thus PC is better in this term. PS4/Xbox One wouldn't even be able to handle that room so beautifully.

Clunkyd1802d ago

I will believe it when I see it running live.

But im not holding my breath

Lior1802d ago

This is pc lol ps4 cannot pull this off lol

FamilyGuy1802d ago

Hmm, am I really the only one not impressed by these?

badz1491802d ago

they look 'too clean' thus end up giving away that they aren't real. when will people learn that real life is not THAT shiny and glossy?

Yep1802d ago

Looking at your comment history, this is a joke.

Feralkitsune1802d ago

IDK, I keep my place pretty clean.

Section81801d ago

But PC doesn't have the exclusives. So have fun. Oh, and no DRM.

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JewyMcJew1802d ago

I think this meets the qualification of life-like.

For some of the picture, I very much doubt a regular person would be able to tell the difference.

OrangePowerz1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

The advantages of having to run only a small environment and no AI, Physics and so on.

I was more impressed by the Titanic one because it was a larger area.

Pandamobile1802d ago

Well this isn't supposed to be a tech demo or a game or anything. It's a graphics artists' portfolio pieces.

Pintheshadows1802d ago

Wow. That is very impressive.

mohuzas1802d ago

now THIS is what i want next gen to look like. so far, it's been very lackluster.

Taislin1802d ago

I don´t see that happening this gen....maybe next one. Remember, this is just a 3d environment, there are no AI, physics, or other gameplay related calculations goin on in the background( damage, destructability, etc.). It´s just too much to ask right now

mohuzas1802d ago

i guess this is what people call "deminishing returns"...

mhunterjr1802d ago

I doubt you'll see these visuals any time soon. Even on high end pc's. this isn't a game. It's just a render.

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