Long live Xbox 360 - 60 games still to come in 2013 and 2014

"Don't worry, our love for the old console hasn't gone away - there are plenty of Xbox 360 games still to come. Here are 60 off the tops of our heads, including a few games that are also on their way to Xbox One."

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dirigiblebill1714d ago

Contrast seems interesting, but I've been burned by arthouse games before. I'd probably go with LOS2 and DS2 first of all of those.

dirigiblebill1714d ago

Yep. I wonder if there are any more Worlds-of-Tanks-style deals in the can?

mewhy321714d ago

I hope the 360 still gets good support after the next gen launches. I've got two of them.

Idba1714d ago

They should make a "60 xbox 360 exclusives coming 2013/14"

ow wait, that isn't possible

dirigiblebill1714d ago

Are there 60 PS3 exclusives coming 2013/14? Serious question.

Idba1714d ago

No, there arent, i was being sarcastic. Instead of making a list including 90% multiplats, you should focus on the exclusives

DEATHxTHExKIDx1714d ago

i will be getting Lords of shadows 2 and Lighting Returns so far for 360.

dja1nhb1714d ago

warface free to play on gold sweet as

cyclindk1714d ago

Play it on PC totally free

DTxx1714d ago

Keeping my 360 due to backlog of games to play still and FF Returns is a def. does that mean we wont see any games in 2015 for the 360 ? Wasnt intending to sell my 360 even though ill be getting the new xbox aswell.