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OnlySP writes - "Is Beyond: Two Souls game?

Beyond: Two Souls released this week, and, as pretty much every single time a piece of interactive entertainment that doesn’t involve angry men with guns releases the question of “is this A Game?” raised its head. Is Beyond: Two Souls a video game? Sure, it has a main character, and a story (well, a “story”), and it has interactivity. But does pressing X to Jason count as “playing”? If you believe a decent slice of those ever insightful users on Metacritic, no, it’s not a game. And because it is not A Game, how can it get full points out of ten (as if that were some gold standard of Official Gamedom™) and be the paragon of the format?"

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GentlemenRUs1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

This is getting pathetic now... Just because it don't have shooting or similar in it...

Sometimes a game just means interaction and not shooting endless waves of people...

I personally like this game like many others here.

So stop picking on a game which has nothing like other games...

Edit: The spelling/grammar on this site is laughable

lawks_land1736d ago

Did you read the article? It says exactly what you're complaining about. That's the whole point of the article.

iceman061736d ago

"So what if the interaction is “limited” to pressing and shaking buttons to get to the finish? Isn’t that essentially what all games are anyway?"
This is exactly the point. I see what Cage does as a continuation of a lineage that reaches back to the point and click adventures like Monkey Island and even as far back as games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. Nobody stopped to dock points from Teltales The Walking Dead....which is similar in interaction to Beyond and Heavy Rain.
Honestly, there are some that just don't like the genre. That's fine. But, you check that at the door when doing a review. You judge the work in front of you based on the merits of your "scale" and let the chips fall where they may. All of this "not a game" stuff is just click baiting BS. You could dock it for the incongruity of the story, or the lack of perceived fun. However, when you dock it because it isn't a game. Well, it just displays ignorance of knowing that, regardless, all games devolve into just button presses and design limitations and arrogance of assuming that you know better than developers and publishers what a game CAN and CAN NOT be.

DigitalRaptor1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Exactly what I've been trying to get across since Heavy Rain. If you are in control of the player character the majority of the time and your actions have multi-branching consequences, how is it not a game? How does QTE suddenly not make a game when it's been a staple of a type of game for years now?

If these people are going to call out Heavy Rain and Beyond, they should call out the entire genre of point-and-click adventure games that date back to the 80s. But they won't. because they're hypocrites.

And even if we find out some evidence proving that it's not a game (which will never happen), it's still an experience that so many people love and appreciate. All we're going to see going forward are more monotonous drones of people calling out Quantic Dream games with the same stale & irrelevant points. All they have to do is carry on making games they are passionate about and they'll have the support of those that enjoy these games. It's as simple as that.