Metal Gear Online? More Like Offline.

Another week means one thing: More Metal Gear Online mess-ups! In today's extra special clusterfuck, Konami errors persist. We're getting word that even though the servers are live, but many are getting network errors up the whazoo or this message: "The GAME ID or password is incorrect. Unable to log into server.(0911:00000003)."

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sonarus3861d ago

kotaku needs to get their facts straight. People in the UK are the only ones allowed in the beta as of now. If you are in NA you get error codes

Hulligan853861d ago

I AM in the UK, and i, and many others, are getting the same exact error messages.

Buubar3861d ago

I'm actually on the Menu screen, I can't start a game though but I am logged in.

sonarus3861d ago

Lol Great. Hopefully i don't suffer once it hits NA. I'm sure it will go thru by tomorrow. By the way can you see any options to create private matches or custom matches e.t.c.

micro_invader3861d ago

The only options I see are the "adjust brightness" "Blood on/off" and like two other things, but those are at the main menu.

I get to the main menu but when I press "start game" it gives me that same error. :(

MikeGdaGod3861d ago

i guess we'll find out soon if the NA servers are ready for us

Tarasque3861d ago

While i understand it is a beta (to work out bugs and such). But not being able to connect to even play the game is unacceptable in my view. I know no other beta that had connection issues such as this, Halo3 nor COD4 had these type of issues. Really what should we expect from someone that doesnt make or even ever made a online multiplayer game(s).

leuch193861d ago

for the NA beta which timezone does it start east or west?

CallOfWar223861d ago

I wana play this beta so bad rite now so I can see if MGO is even worth playing. No multiplayer on current gen have been even close to Gears and COD4. Damn error codes. Get on it rite now!!!

Milky3861d ago

after doing a 7 hour download and an exhausting konami id registration I get 'can not connect to server (xxxxxxxx)' bs at 9:00 monday morning in european beta.

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Lookbehind3861d ago

Let them get do thier job. People are getting stupider by the day.

jmare3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

What you seem to disregard is that the game is only a few weeks out. And while a lot can happen in 5-6 weeks, it is worrisome that they are having so many problems with this beta. See, this is unlike the Halo 3 beta which happend several months before release. This is more or less the final version of MGO. I realize that changes will be made, however, there is no time to implement substantial changes of fix major problems as they arrive. It's starting to seem that this beta was only intended as a stop-gap because they delayed MGS 4 twice. That is why people are upset. Also, because it's fvcking Metal Gear.

EDIIT: below. I never said 2 months wasn't enough time to add more servers, etc. And actually it's more like 5-6 weeks because of manufacturing and shipping the discs. I was simply commenting on the comment above which is antagonistic. Yes, it's a beta. And yes, this stuff wiil probably be fixed by release. That doesn't change the fact that they shouldn't be having these problems less than two months before release. I'm not saying the problems won't get fixed, i was just trying to comment on why people are making such a big deal about it.

jackdoe3861d ago

Two months is enough time to add more servers and change your method of distrbuting a patch.

RecSpec3861d ago

Not to mention that all we are getting with MGS4 is a starter pack.

Area_513861d ago

I'm still trying to download the update. I just hit 10% after 2hrs, and that is with super fast internet, but i did get the konami id last night after 10 times. I just wish they could have made this a little bit easier, just let me get my hands on this beta and i swear i'll have short term memory loss.

jackdoe3861d ago

The good thing is that if Konami is paying attention to this beta test, things will be easy on June 12th when the game comes out. They've already added extra servers for the Konami ID. Hopefully they add more servers for patches and what not and make that part of the process smoother. Konami REALLY needed this open beta wake up call.

tweaker3861d ago

I hope they're actually rethinking about this whole Konami/GAME ID crap. They should just scratch that whole idea out the window and integrate PSN like every other damn game.

DomUltra3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Wow Kotaku honest to god just whines, and continues to whine, I understand the frustration for some people but seriously Kotaku, shut the ḟuck up already, Jesus.

You have over a million people trying to sign up and get into a beta that allows like 18,000-20,000 people across all 3 regions, seriously stop it, people who don't even have the beta or a key stop flooding the servers in hopes of getting one. For the rest of the people CALM DOWN, this is beta shỉt happens, don't like it? Leave, it'll help the bandwidth problem.

will113861d ago

the xbots are attacking konami because they are mad they dont get MGS4, sony fans unite and give me plus bubbles, i need them

Xlll3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Well what do you expect. Look at all these people that will be buying this game. MSG4 = game of the year? i think so.

Edit: some bubbles for willy

Pain3861d ago


If it was on xbox live we would have herd on.. CNN:

"MASS Explosion herd around the world as XBOX 2's and Severs Exploded today trying to play a game to much for itself resulted in Mass RROD's and kids Homes burning down the drain on the Fire Department was Huge!!..Many Xbox died.

More on RROD GTA 4 fiasco @ 11

Xlll3860d ago

you mean like the wait times you have every time you have to ship that epic fail of a console back?

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LinuxGuru3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I'm registered with konami and game ID, I have MGOnline downloaded, and 1.01 patch.....

I'm now just waiting for the servers to open up here in America.

According to what I've heard, that will be in.....1 hour, and 4 minutes.

(12 a.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. pacific)

tweaker3861d ago

Same here. I'm desperately waiting for the servers to go up.

Marceles3861d ago

Oh well...seems like it'll be 12am pacific/3 am eastern, they're still down