SteamOS: What does this mean to an average gamer

This past few weeks Valve, the creators of the world’s most popular digital software and gaming distribution service, Steam, announced that next year they plan on releasing SteamOS, their own operating system designed to run on compatible machines and bring everyone's favorite Steam content right to the living room. Now the most important question here is; what does this mean to the average gamer?

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ifritAlkhemyst1808d ago

It means nothing. It is a completely pointless endeavor by Valve that we can toss on to their growing pile of wtf'ery.

hellvaguy1808d ago

I couldnt disagree more. Steam OS will focus primarily on gaming. Unlike win8, plus alot of people dislike the win8 interface and tiles. At the very least, Steam cud light a fire under ms to give us a better os in windows 9.

ifritAlkhemyst1808d ago

They're nothing at all alike. You're comparing apples to moon rocks in terms of functionality here.

And apart from Win8 interface problems, the OS is the best for gaming yet. All MS has to do is create a profile option for gaming, which minimizes many of the unnecessary background processes, for them to win back the hearts of gamers.

PotatoClock1808d ago

"All MS has to do is create a profile option for gaming"

But they're not going to because they haven't focused win8 on gaming. You just proved the point, that you disagreed with, of what SteamOS is trying to achieve.

Somebody1808d ago


"All MS has to do is create a profile option for gaming, which minimizes many of the unnecessary background processes, for them to win back the hearts of gamers. "

That's the problem! Microsoft have been in the PC business longer than Valve and yet with every iteration of Windows they getting farther and farther away from PC gaming. You praised Windows 8 for being a better gaming OS and yet you wished that MS to release a gaming profile. They could've, should've, done that since Windows 97 and XP during the hey day of PC gaming but instead...they released X-Box.

Valve on the other hand is offering to make PC gaming a viable platform on its own, something that MS apparently neglected. Where was MS during the ugly days of "PC is Dead" era which was ironically perpetuated by the it's own 360 and PS3's rivalry? MS was nowhere to be seen while PC gaming floundered with major game devs jumping to the other side(let's not forget MS disbanded numerous PC studios like the guys who made Halo Wars so they could be reshuffled into the console department) and exclusive titles being consolized.

Valve was there to make PC gaming relevant again and now it's starting all over again. Windows 8 is good gaming OS but it's true purpose is not for PC gaming. It was designed to be an extension of the X Box experience. An enclosed console system that encompassed multiple devices under one architecture.

I have long believed that MS deliberately made GFWL awful so that it can push the XBOX LIVE system into Windows 8. Other companies, especially Valve, would do anything to improve their product after harsh criticism and yet MS did nothing to fix GFWL because it was a big fat red herring destined to die on arrival. MS just let it rot while everyone, journalists and gamers alike, kept pummeling into dust. Once the dust settled, MS conveniently replaced it with a similar but already perfected XBox Live for Windows 8 and some new MS hardware.

UltimateMaster1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

@hellvaguy & Somebody

Exactly what you said. 100% agree.

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SnakeCQC1808d ago

I think its linked to the mantle api thing. Ms's dx 11 isnt that great and doesnt give devs that much control of the end users hardware. Ms's os has been quite lacking and theres a predictable pattern of good one and then a bad one is released so the next one looks good. All of this holds back gaming in general.

ifritAlkhemyst1808d ago

Hmm... that does look sexy.

Jovanian 1808d ago

I'm not going to make any conclusions until they actually start to give more details about the OS and I actually get to try it hands on. I don't think it would be a completely pointless endeavor if it does the things they promise it will do

jeffgoldwin1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )


"They're nothing at all alike. You're comparing apples to moon rocks in terms of functionality here."

You have a horrible grasp of comparisons. The comparison is of 2 PC operating systems. They are as close of a comparison as you can possibly get. I don't feel you even understand what an OS even means if you think the difference is not apples to apples.

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The_KELRaTH1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I'd like to know how they will be supporting directx games.
One of the biggest single issues with using Linux on PC's has been the lack of directx compatibility.

If it weren't for MS having directx locked down tight the PC industry would likely be enjoying a wide selection of OS's

hellvaguy1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Amd on the ps4 isnt using directx. Think it will be fine. You really didnt think a billion dollar plus company like Steam didnt think of this already?

Alot more OS is a bad thing. U want as few as possible to avoid fractioning and having a nightmare slew of glitches and bugs.

The_KELRaTH1808d ago

And the PS4 can't run any old PC games - you need directx API for that (for the most part).

If it weren't for directx locked to Windows I'd be using the latest Apple OS X with my existing PC games list. It's only the 3D API that is required for existing PC game compatibility not the whole of Windows.

SnakeCQC1808d ago

Look up mantle api. Its going to change things in a big way and dx will be history in a few years imo

The_KELRaTH1808d ago

Yup it's a very interesting API but it will have to end up a standard that all GPU manufacturers can use otherwise it's going to be another Glide.

SnakeCQC1808d ago

amd are allowing nvidia to use it too and i really think over the next few years it should become very widely used given the obvious benefits

hellvaguy1808d ago

Xbox uses directx and cant play old pc games that werent licensed for it either. So I dont see the point your making.

The_KELRaTH1808d ago

The Xbox uses the API but it's not a PC and is designed not to play PC games.

What I'm saying is the Steambox is meant to be a compact PC that will play PC games. If you look at the current games content most of those games use the Directx API as Steam currently is just a nice frontend menuing system on Windows but the final Steambox is said to be using Linux instead which doesn't have the Directx API

So my question is how will it play those existing PC games?

AceBlazer131808d ago

to the average gamer it won't mean squat. don't let pc gamers fool you, they are a dying breed.

Jovanian 1808d ago

It is clear why you only have one bubble

Xristo1808d ago

You are a cancer. Please delete your account. People hate N4G because of so-called "Gamers" (regardless of platform) like you.

Xristo1808d ago

I should not resort to name calling. My apologies, AceBlazer13.

_LarZen_1808d ago

It means more options, and in the end better looking games.

The_Truth_24_71808d ago

Absolutely nothing. Even to hard-core pc gamers.