The 5 Most Annoying Forum Responses to the GTA Online Launch

The fractured nature of the GTA Online Launch brought with it a storm of angry gamers who did what angry gamers do. Vent out their impotent rage on forums and comment forms across the world. The Maul Squad looks at some of the most annoying ones.

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iamnsuperman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Number 5 is annoying but not for the same reasons. For me it is because they knew what they were doing (and decided not to try and correct it) not they didn't know what they are doing. It may piss people off to have a more staggered launch of the online component. But it makes more sense than just throwing it to the wolfs and letting it crash spectacularly. That is just irresponsible and reckless. It isn't like Rockstar were surprised by the sales figures (I am not sure anyone was).

The compensation argument is interesting. What the author said makes sense but you have to bear in mind people bought this game expecting to be able to play it (all parts of it). It shouldn't crash. $60 isn't cheap and it seemed a lot were excited for the new online mode. I shouldn't be testing the online when I pay fully for the game. I am not saying we deserve compensation but it goes back to my point above. It shouldn't have happened.

-Foxtrot1771d ago

Look at the end of the day they f***** up, gamers had every right to be angry.

But no.....apparntly because its Rockstar they cant be criticized

abuelo1771d ago

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but perspective also needs to be applied. The only way this could have been launched without problems would have been a staggered rollout across months, in which the whining would then have centered around the fact that Europe/America/Russia got it first and people couldn't have accessed it.

The problems were also always going to be fixed with time. The diagnosis and repair of a project like this is beyond huge, so the hyperbolic vitriol simply isn't needed. I don't know what it is about our hobby group that their first reaction to a setback is to rip off their shirt, jump up and down slamming their hands on the desk and throwing faeces on the wall.

awesomeperson1771d ago

I believe that they should have given early "closed beta" access to those who bought the special editions of the game, launching at the same time as the game itself.

This would have decreased the amount of players on the servers, and by calling it a beta, there's always a sort of excuse of sorts to fall back on. The "open beta" could then have been the 1st October launch, and then GTA Online could have fully launched a couple/few weeks later.

-Foxtrot1771d ago

My take is that they rushed the online, delayed it because they didnt want it to bring the overall review scores down so they held off untill well after launch.

ZBlacktt1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Even worse is it's more then just the online. It's both sides of the game. There are tons of exploits. Just go over to YouTube or Google it. But to many people get butt hurt when you talk about how the game was poorly tested. Why, because they most likely are all taking advantage of these glitches to further their game before more and more patches are released.... money exploits, duping cars, character stats, free weapons, etc, etc, etc. Games had them all. Then they click disagee and cry " Don't talk about my favorite game whhhaaaa, whhaaaa ".

ExposingLames1771d ago

if you think you're to "good or "elite" to even have a beta and then furthermore choose to use full price paying customers of your retail copy as beta guinea pigs you deserve what you get. As a "top" developer you should hold YOURSELF to a higher standard. That's just my opinion

fattyuk1771d ago

It's only the gamers that use forums that moan this way though.

I work with/have friends/random people who I know that have had problems with the online part and guess what! None of them moan like little bitches, huff and puff and whinge and moan etc etc.

I think if alot of people who moan this way done it face to face with real people they'd realise how silly and I dare I say i, pathetic they sound.

iamnsuperman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I think this (your comment) is a classic example of confusing moaning with criticism. We have every right to criticise in any form. Whining is complaining but in a sulky/feeble way. As long as you can complain in a logical and well though-out way it should be okay and not shot down. These quotes (used by the articles) are more snap shots. We have no idea what the accompanied content that came with these quotes

fattyuk1771d ago

Your comment is a typical reply to a comment you haven't read properly.

ZBlacktt1771d ago

This statement is not true. I mod a site that is the worlds largest it's it's field. So I see it often. I also learn of a lot of the problems the game has very quickly. People put in hours only to have issues and wasted time. We've seen it all from don't park cars in your garage. Your character just might not be there when you get back. So play at your own risk. The huge amount of exploits, free money glitches, free weapons, make yourself invisible, glitch your character stats. The list goes on and on. Players are most all taking advantage of these issues to further their games before patches are released. So they don't see none of it as a issue or problem.

TonyBest1001771d ago

You do realize those people who are hating on GTA Onlines rough start didn't even think to read Rockstars Newswire when rockstar themselves specifically said that they expected some problems on release with the amount of players looking to play.

At least 1 week later those have been fixed now and its running smooth, with one more patch next week which will reward people with two doses of $250,000 ingame (Next week and end of month).

ZBlacktt1771d ago

Why should they? Most people buy a game "expecting" it to work as what they paid for. Not to be part of yet still on going quality assurance test. The reward is pointless when the amount of exploits the game has gives players everything they need day one the game camimg out. Which was a free weapons glitch.... buy all the weapons in a shop. Go out side kill yourself and get your you money back and still have the weapons on you.

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