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David Cage may have succeeded at making his most cinematic game yet, but if I’d paid $8 to see Beyond on the cinema’s cheap day I would have walked out well before the credits rolled.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1557d ago

Stupid review! I'm living the game so far. The game is different get over it and review it as it should be reviewed. Take a page from Gamespot's review.

vishmarx1557d ago

take a page from any other review.
its got a lot of bad things about it.
its not a 2.5 but certainly nothing better than 7.5
this one is just looking for hits

crxss1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Lol every site giving beyond is looking for hits?? Haha or maybe it's just a really bad game. I wouldn't give it more than a 6. 6 is slightly above average, saying it like that makes me want to give this game a 5 now... Maybe a 4.

piroh1557d ago

in metacritic the game has

43 positive reviews
24 mixed reviews
2 negative reviews

personally i would give 8.5, well i should finish the game yet, since i´m in the middle story

hulk_bash19871557d ago

Don't put too much stock in these reviews. They are all subjective; reviews are simply glorified opinions. Enjoy the games that you think are great and don't let these types of things ruin the experience for you.

Campy da Camper1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Exactly. I personally loved the game. That said I hate pew pew pew games. I thought the story was great and the graphics and animations were astounding. I'd also watch Amadeus before transformers. I'd read King or Anne Rice before Tom Clancy.

You will either like the game or won't but to say its "bad" is ignorant.

Salooh1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Reviewers should have done it this way :
Amount of Bugs/glitichs
All of these should be fact . ( Obviously beyond doing good in all of these )

And then put their opinion . Sadly , they review it all based on opinion . telltale games get better scores even though heavy rain do 10 times better then their games let a lone beyond.

These reviewers won't stop me from playing this game even if they gave it -1/10 xD . Opinion doesn't mean go insane. Be fair or else don't do it..

ainsz1556d ago

You forgot gameplay and let's just say Beyond isn't the most involved in that aspect. I feel Heavy Rain had a much more enjoyable influx of QTE's and general player input.

pete0071557d ago

stupid review? at least read it, hes made a point, maybe not yours, but take a lesson from it. i dont play games based on reviews, and neither should you take some ones opinion as your own. by your standards i believe every psxclusive should be on the 8/10 + ratings, WRONG.

Haules1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Hey MS fanboy, this is not about ps exclusive or xbox exclusive. This about reviews in general...
A score scale between 1-5 means games which are unplayable full of bugs, lackluster gameplay and broken.

Unlike you I played Beyond: Two Souls and it is playable, has no bugs and it isn't broken. Plus it has more gameplay (ex:Somalia level) than Heavy rain and Walking dead. Story is very good.

If you look at their review, They gave a broken unfinished game like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare a 9/10 lol

Boody-Bandit1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Meanwhile a game like GTA V has 10's handed out to it like candy when the multiplayer wasn't even ready for launch and it has a TON of problems.

The single player aspect of GTA V has all the same quirks as IV did with worse performance and glitches. GTA V looks better than IV but took an even bigger hit in performance to pull it off. Maybe the problem with V scoring so high is IV was also over rated. I played both all the way thru from back to front. I have almost 100% completion on V right now. It's not a 10.

I agree with Haules and others on here. There is no parody or continuity when it comes to those that review games. Video games are a product and they should be reviewed as such.

What happened to the days where they would break them down
Replay value
Than overall impressions

It seems like most small level blogosphere reviewers just go with opinion and very little substance or in depth details of what makes a game a game. That's the problem with anyone with webspace passing themselves off as a critic.

I can't help but roll my eyes at games like GTA V getting 10's and extremely creative games, although honestly it's not my cup of tea, like Beyond Two Souls is getting hammered and mostly from mere taste of what they feel a video game should be.

I applaud Cage for taken gaming into other realms with games like this and Heavy Rain. My friends that have played both are enjoying Beyond more. I myself haven't played it but these guys I am referring to have been gaming, like myself, since it's inception. Maybe we should start a site. We would do 10x better job at reviewing games than most of these so called wanna be gaming sites do.

ape0071557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )


" Meanwhile a game like GTA V has 10's handed out to it like candy when the multiplayer wasn't even ready for launch and it has a TON of problems"

loool are u a gamer????, people seem to forget about the first thing about gaming, GTA V is FULL OF GAMING, have great addictive gameplay, one UNBELIEVABLE ENVIRONMENT with great scenary , 3 great game characters, great cutscenes, voice acting, atmosphere, fun, stuff to do etc...

Beyond is just a movie not a game, don't compare the two, we are in the gaming industry man

theatrical qualities are a great plus, CORE GAME EXPERIENCE is a MUST

Boody-Bandit1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I'm not bilingual. Draw from that what you will.

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Beastforlifenoob1556d ago

your living in the game holy shit!

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iamnsuperman1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

After the 3 self-indulging opening paragraphs (seriously why are they included in this review) the review itself isn't that bad as this game, like Heavy Rain, polarised people (just one of those games). I do think 2.5 is a bit too low (I would give that score to a completely broken game)

vishmarx1557d ago

the review itself isnt bad .the score itself is bit too low

awesomeperson1557d ago

A score of 2.5 should basically be reserved for games which are near unplayable. A 2.5 should be a game without a story (not just one with dodgy writing), lacklustre gameplay, and a lack of vision (in my opinion, of course).

A score like this is just a cry for hits.

I have not actually read the review, because I detest this practice.

Bundi1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Polarising to say the least. Somehow I'm actually still keen to experience this myself. Obviously I'm not going to pay full price for it.

I'll wait until it's R150 used ($15) which shouldn't take too long, I've already seen one going for R400.
As far as the review goes, I respect everybody's opinion no matter how much I may disagree with them. To say only the positive reviews are valid is laughable.

dc11557d ago

The game (gamplay, story, graphics and presentation) is very well put together. It's Cage's finest game...and it's surprisingly enjoyable through the end.

Whether you pick it up now or later you will not be disappointed.

ILive1556d ago

I agree with dc1. This game is unlike anything you will ever experience this gen because you just connect with. There aren't many games like that. If you call yourself a gamer, please come to the game with an open mind and put fanboy issues aside. Yes, the experience comes with its own issues like many other games out there. But issues aside, what you will receive that many games can't give, is a very rewarding and highly engaging experience. Its a perfect blend of cinematography and interactive entertainment, a way in which the game should be judged. I really hope the game is successful because we need more games like it. Please, please give it a chance. Just go along with the ride.

TheKayle11557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

ahaha what a review

cmon 2.5 no is too low...

give a 5 or 6....thats it

Kran1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )


Now come on. I thought the game was a little clunky in areas and the choices felt a little pointless, but in no way would I have given it that low of a score.

I'd give it a 7/10 max. It's in no way perfect but it tells a great story (in my eyes anyway. I managed to follow it whilst many didnt), with great performances and a very nice ending. Surprising for me too.

(THEN AGAIN, I just looked at the score... which is what I shouldn't be doing. But this is just my opinion from looking at the score)

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