Review: Pokémon X & Y

The Man Cave Cinema writes; The first thing you'll notice when you step into the world of X or Y is the beautiful visuals. Pokémon -- a series which could already boast some bright and enchanting eye-candy -- has taken a huge leap forward this generation. The improvement suffuses almost every aspect of the game. The new, more three-dimensional style of the game world is executed admirably, but the real beauty to be found here is in the Pokémon battles themselves. Battle animations are now much more dynamic -- for instance, Fennekin, a fire-type fox Pokémon, shoots its Ember move out of its mouth as usual. Once it evolves into a sort of witch creature, it instead uses a wand to throw fire, as if it were casting spells. Whether you're attacking, getting hit, or even getting knocked out, a lot of little extra touches like this add up to make battles feel much more "alive".

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XB1_PS41740d ago

This makes me want to buy a 3ds..

arjman1740d ago

Same here, I don't know if I can justify spending £80+ on a 3DS for one game series though!

belac091740d ago

i love how you can buy clothes and rollerblade, ride pokemon and take cabs.