5 NPCs that May Be More Famous than the Game Itself

New MMOs of different qualities emerge in large numbers nowadays. Some of them die within less than one month, while some immediately become popular and some become classic. 2P.COM is going to talk about the NPCs that impress players in some classic MMOs which stand out from the rest. Some well-know NPCs are even more famous than the game itself. They may be a main protagonist or a boss.

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KrisButtar1592d ago

The only one I knew was Lightning but then again I don't know anyone(meaning people I grew up with, hang out with, work with, drink with, etc. I know people online who say they play some of those but thats as far as my exposure is) who even played those. Don't get me wrong we heard of StarCraft and WoW. I have friends who play EverQuest or Guild Wars though.

Still some of those NPCs in the article seemed very [email protected]

FamilyGuy1592d ago

How tf is Lighting an NPC???

KrisButtar1592d ago

from what I understand she is in FF14 which would make her an NPC

majiebeast1592d ago


Hicken1592d ago

"What happened to your father?"


_QQ_1592d ago

Kerrigan is a beast but i think the term "zerg rush" may be more popular lol.

Menchi1592d ago

NPC stands for non-player character... Should be just characters.

OmniSlashPT1592d ago

Does this guy even know what a NPC means? and how is garen more famous than League? If it was Teemo i'd understand lmao

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