The Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame Teaser Trailer

Activision has announced that Beenox is working on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame, which will accompany the titular movie next year. The third-person action game will feature an open-world free-roaming Manhattan, along with a reputation system rewarding players for effectively fighting crime, though allowing crime to flourish unchecked will also have consequences.

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AltairvsEzio1739d ago

Another Spiderman movie license game..

Robochobo1739d ago

Except some of them have been good. Spider Man 2 was amazing, and the recent The Amazing Spider Man that came out a while ago, was better than I would've expected. I'm gladly anticipating this.

Nitrowolf21738d ago

Amazing Spiderman was great, despite destroying some of my favorites villians

Whatsupdog1739d ago

Beenox + free-roaming, so this might just turn out to be good.

EXVirtual1739d ago

The swinging will use both trigger buttons according to Beenox's Twitter, so it'll take more skill. Same goes for the battle system. They also said Manhattan will be more lively.

THC CELL1739d ago

Batman and this are great movie licence games unlike games like terminator etc also tv series games walking dead great, game of thrones baaaad would not mind grimm the game, anyone remember Buffy the game was great

oIITSBIIo1738d ago

You cant beat batman not in Movies - series - comic - Games

Stop trying GODDAMMIT.

phntom1738d ago


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