Grand Theft Auto V: 35 Incredible And Not Yet Known Details

Rockstar's best selling game of all time, Grand Theft Auto V is massive in size, details and design, and so missing out some of the key and important features/details is bound to happen.

Here are 35 incredible and not yet know details discovered in Grand Theft Auto V

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fattyuk1618d ago

"Your phone is completely useable. Slip it out of your pocket at any time to read texts, send emails, make calls, et cetera. You can also switch its settings to vibrate."

Wow I never knew this!! /s

b163o11618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

"Turn on the radio and you might hear a news story about one of your illegal activities." Your illegal activities are suppose to interrupt the radio. Your in a real city, why won't it make the news, kill a important figure it's gonna make the news

Very weak article IMO

ZodTheRipper1618d ago

Not only very weak, it's at least the tenth article with this headline that got approved ...GTA 5 is great and all, but it's not like there are countless secrets hidden in the world. After playing it for 3 weeks I found out everything these articles mention by myself.

Lulz_Boat1618d ago

even san andreas and GTA IV have this feature.

xHeavYx1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

This one has to be my favorite
"Wading in water actually wet your clothes, and they’ll stay wet until you leave the scene"
So, you stay wet until you leave the water? That's as groundbreaking as fish moving out of the way!

KwietStorm1618d ago

That's been an incredible and not yet known feature since GTA San Andreas...

0pie1618d ago

They also did this in gta4.

TheGrimReaper00111618d ago

Well, other games wouldn't bother
But to be honest, when they were talking about that, that's actually when I stopped and listened
Nice detail, but i def noticed that too

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MysticStrummer1618d ago

Yeah, cool stuff but most of the list isn't exactly unknown and some of it has been in other GTAs.

TonyBest1001618d ago

Wow, this article is lame, it's just an attempt to get people to visit the site and everything listed there is already known, Of course you can look at your phone and do stuff... IT'S A FEATURE IN THE GAME FGS!

soniqstylz1618d ago

Here's one: While in single player or multi player, you can use the phone to voice chat with your real life friends who are also playing.

wenaldy1618d ago

What a phony article!!! Dont click the link!!

Heisenburger1618d ago

That could've been the most brilliantly unintentional pun ever.


yess1618d ago

When in a vehicle and using cinematic camera, click R3 for slowmo.

Combine that with The HVY Barracks Semi in a chase for OTT action when sending cop cars flying left and right in beatyfull slowmo cinematic wiew.

Have fun;-)

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