Leaked Call Of Duty Ghost Multiplayer Maps Video Commentary

YouTube user ABRDrummer goes through the names of some multiplayer maps coming out for Call Of Duty Ghost with pics included.

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JaxLester1771d ago

Nice hope it plays like MW3

GraveLord1770d ago

Meh. I hope its finds a nice middle ground between Modern Warfare and Black Ops. T

bestofthebest1770d ago

hope it plays like a combo of mw1 and mw2

kazuma9991770d ago

MW2 will always beat the rest. BRING ME BACK MY INTERVENTION ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

CanadianTurtle1769d ago

MW3 had the worst maps in the history of FPS. The sole reason why MW3 failed was because of the terrible maps + spawn system

BobBelcher1770d ago

I'm just excited to actually have a purpose to play a sniper again... BO2 maps didn't allow ANY great sniping spots. Even the biggest CoD maps didn't have any REALLY great spots. But watching this gameplay, I spotted a few great areas right off the bat where I can ACTUALLY be a sniper instead of that "pot-shot/quick scoping" crap I see people do on CoD.

sandman2241770d ago

When will we ever get to see a ps4 version of the game?

FITgamer1769d ago

Im pretty sure PC is the only version they have shown.

escott0131770d ago

To be honest, I fear... that these maps will only allow for a couple of decent sniping spots, which will be targeted by the other team and likely won't be able to get many shots off before you're bum-rushed..

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