Best Buy Weekly Deals for October 13: Halo 4 $10, Diablo III $50 More

"The latest deals from retailer Best Buy for October 13 to October 19 are shown as below"

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CaptainPunch1805d ago

Damn Halo 4 for $10, damn that's a great deal!

3-4-51805d ago

Yea until you play the game and are like " ehhhhh probably taking it back"..

It's the only Halo game I couldn't stand. Love all the others.

xActionBasturdx1805d ago

Might actually get halo again at that price

sentury1111805d ago

I tried to order this at around 10 AM and there is no shipping only store pickup. But not one store out of around the 20 locally listed had it available. Bait and switch.

Back-to-Back1804d ago

bestbuy with the hot deals that have been on amazon for months.