Exepose- Grand Theft Auto V Review

Alex Phelps writes:- The detail and effort put into the sandbox make it not only it the best game of its kind but also the best game of this generation. Truly I have never had so much fun or found myself so addicted to a game before.While GTA V is not for everyone and never will be, if you are thinking of buying it then just do it.
I guarantee you will not be leaving Los Santos anytime soon!

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BullyMangler1738d ago

GTA games more like 8.5 due to lack of IMAGINATION, just the USUAL EASY violence in order to make easy money off of us hence lack of brain work < fact

the truth will hurt a fanboy

KonsoruMasuta1738d ago

I've been enjoying parts of GTA V that don't even include violence. Buying property, doing mini games like darts and golf with friends online, this game is much more than "USUAL EASY violence in order to make money off of us".

Agent20091738d ago

The fact is, GTA V is much more than just an empty violence, and you don't even can't let this thought get into your brain. Who's fanboy, now?

I bet you love Nintendo stuff, because it allows you to expand your IMAGINATION. Well, good for you! Just don't try to tell other people your crazy opinions as 'facts'.

ACwarMACHINE1738d ago

they spent 5 and a half years developing easy violence to make a quick buck.meanwhile call of duty releases innovative violence every year because they care about the quality of thier games.