Trevor’s Voice Actor from GTA V Tells Fan “Go F*** Yourself” By Request

CraveOnline writes: "A lot of the comic relief and unpredictability in Grand Theft Auto V's narrative is owed in-part to Trevor, a wild character that becomes a centerpiece of the experience from the moment he appears. His voice actor, Steven Ogg, has earned numerous fans since the game came out, and his response has been nothing short of gracious. Today, he went a step further to prove that he loves his fans.

During a panel at New York Comic Con, Steven Ogg was asked by a member of the audience to curse at him. Following applause from the audience, Ogg proceeded to give the fan a memorable experience that was captured on camera—vertically, mind you."

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Aceman181769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Lol yea that was awesome.

Also to kaz up above you are one of the most pathetic people on this site.

3-4-51769d ago

I have a feeling this man will be in a lot more stuff because of this game and some of those movie or tv roles he may not have gotten call backs for in the past, might start happening now.

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Lord_Sloth1770d ago

Only if the thumbs go into the soup afterwords.

wls10121770d ago

best actor ever......EVER

LOGICWINS1770d ago

Ive never wanted a voice actor to win a VGA more than Steven Ogg. The award is totally meaningless, but he needs as much exposure as possible.

RedSoakedSponge1770d ago

im pretty sure being Trevor in GTAV is a LOT of exposure dude lol.

LOGICWINS1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

But few people know the actor who played him. According to stats, most people won't even finish GTA5's single player. If most people arent willing to finish a game they spent $60 on, you think they'll take the time to research the voice actors? Most people arent that hardcore into games as you would think. Most buy games like COD and GTA to scratch an itch created by mainstream pop culture telling them that they NEED to own this game or they wont be "cool". After a few hours of playing, it wouldnt surprise me if these people didnt revisit the game for months.

Obviously he will be known within the games industry, but I want to see him in big budget motion pictures. For that to happen, he needs a more mainstream following.

Legion211769d ago

@LOGICWINS or they play it for multiplayer

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