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Sony Santa Monica Finishes Remaining 'God of War: Ascension' DLC

8CN: Sony Santa Monica has officially wrapped up work on God of War: Ascension. Sony community strategist Aaron Kaufman revealed that the studio has finished all of the remaining DLC for Ascension, and the team will now move on to other products. (God of War: Ascension, PS3, Sony Santa Monica)

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Abash  +   532d ago
Bring on God of War PS4 next!
The_Infected  +   532d ago
If rather have a new IP.
-wub-  +   531d ago
They're already working on a new IP, we can have both.
DatNJDom81  +   530d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.
mewhy32  +   530d ago
I can't wait to see what these guys can do on the might PS4. You can bet that what ever they do will be running at 1080p and no some paltry 900p. But then these guys will be able to take full advantage of the PS4 and not be held back by the lowest common denominator bone.
TheOneEyedHound  +   530d ago
Spoil bitch. They're kids dying of cancer right now!
theRell  +   531d ago
No Heavenly Sword II?
j-blaze  +   530d ago
making another GoW is a big waste of money, the franchise is getting old, Sony can put that money on making a Japanese game that can compete with the king of hack and slash Bayonetta
DatNJDom81  +   530d ago
Your pathetic attempt at trolling is amusing. Especially when that joke of a game, ryse, is coming to your beloved box.
HammadTheBeast  +   530d ago

It's good, but nowhere near God of War.
Tontus  +   530d ago

God of War III - 93% average, 6 million+ sales, tons of accolades and millions of fans.

King of hack and slash games.

Bayonetta - 90% average, 2 million sales (PS3 + 360), a few accolades and a small fanbase.

Decent effort but compared to GoW? Nothing but an ant in the shadow of a titan.

Waste of money? Even God of War: Ascension is on track to sell over 2 million this year which has taken Bayonetta over 3.5 years to do, it will also go on to pass 3 million making it the 5th bestselling game in the genre of all time behind GoW3, GoW1, GoW2 & GoW:CoO... again I ask, waste of money?

I know SSM are making a new IP which will come late 2014/early 2015 but I'm just as excited for the inevitable GoW4 in March 2016 which will be the best in the series, Cory Barlog is directing with his superstar team, enough said.
Zeniix  +   530d ago
I wouldn't mind since I'm coming from the 360 to the ps4 ^^
blackstrr411  +   531d ago
People still play this game? Lol.
DatNJDom81  +   530d ago
A lot more than you know obviously. GOW Ascension multiplayer is one of the best this gen.
FunAndGun  +   530d ago
Ascension MP is great! No other game this gen is anything like the MP.
thejigisup  +   530d ago
Ascension was disappointing. not enough to keep me interested. There was a certain wow factor that just wasn't there especially coming off of gow iii
HammadTheBeast  +   530d ago
I agree, it didn't have the feel, it felt like a filler title to get a bit of money before next-gen.
Tontus  +   530d ago
You have to think about it as an experiment, they just wanted to see if they could pull off a multiplayer component in a God of War game and see how fans reacted and how much of an impact it would have on the single player campaign. It's the reason it's a prequel and not God of War IV.

It wasn't amazing but the SP is good and the MP is a great foundation to build upon, I'm sure they've learned a lot from the game and will make sure GoW4 is the best yet.
MightyNoX  +   530d ago
Translation - "We're finally free to pursue other, more next gen' endeavors. Nudge nudge, wink wink."

gedden7  +   530d ago
I cannot wait for their PS4 games.. I know it off topic but damn!
Azfargh  +   530d ago
Damn! Time to turn GOW games more open world like!

The linearity on this IP is getting tired.
Tontus  +   530d ago
I hate open world games.

Linearity is a good thing, especially in a super focused story driven cinematic action-adventure game like God of War. I don't appreciate filler, boring/repetitive side-quests, poor pacing, unfocused story, worse graphics + performance etc, just to pad out the games length.

Look at Darksiders, it's REALLY boring but could've been amazing had it been a more focused experience.
Azfargh  +   530d ago
You and some guys are saying that, but look at the sales... look at the stagnation.

Even David Jaffe said he would turn GOW into something more like Zelda rather than the convenient formula.
chazjamie  +   530d ago
the most irrelevant game of this generation.
FunAndGun  +   530d ago
That includes the most original and brutal MP this generation. Name one game that plays anything like Ascensions MP.
Tontus  +   530d ago
Nah, it's been a long generation so you're going to have to think back a few years.

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