Epic Steals a User-Created Map for their next release?

"I'm sure many of you already seen the new UT3 360 trailer, but what most of you don't know is that one of the maps shown there ( DM-ArcticShipment ) is actually a user created map done by a member that goes by EpicJon on the Epic Forums.

The map, while not being exactly the same, is a blatant rip off, it's a cargo boat, in the middle of the Artic ocean, with snow falling and with icebergs on the background. When EpicJon posted about his discontent in the Epic Forums he got banned and his thread deleted..."

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BilI Gates3887d ago

Um wow. Talk about desperate and being lazy.

Omegasyde3887d ago

This is a tough call lawsuit wise.

Epic did provide the tools for him to make the mod...

I am wondering if in the small print it is stated that they can collect mods....

On the other hand, if they aren't allowed to use it with out permission.
Can he still sue? I also wonder if that comes up, will Epic just use a loophole and distribute the map via a "FREE" DLC on Xbox Live?

Really interesting. I know that one guy didn't get in trouble for the master chief mod....

EDIT: Epic never gave a damn about the PS3 user community. Sure we have mods, but it took over 5 months for a "litte" patch and EPIC shipped the game without all the promised features on the back of package. The mods are nice, but having to install them 1 by 1 having to use a outside storage device is ridiculous. Its a shame Cliffy B was working on Gears of War 2, because I am sure he wouldn't let Mark Rein ship a 90% complete product even though that is his boss.

And when is the last time they changed the in game community page?
O it never got updated, and the common person still does not know how to get mods.

Eromu3887d ago

Sure they made the tools but the general idea was created by him so it's his intellectual property.

marichuu3887d ago

I told you Epic was no good when it comes to MOVING FORWARD...

A:"Oh, people liked Unreal Tournament 2004, we should probably make a sequel"
B:"Yes, we should."
A:"Ok here's how we do it; we make a new engine and import everything from UT2k4"

Now this? I might just forget about buying that Gears of War 2.

marichuu3887d ago

All Epic had to do was ask him for permission. He would without a doubt say yes and be happy about it.

LostChild3887d ago

is what Epic may have done. I am sure they didn't just take some users created map and went ahead and used it as their own.

M337ING3887d ago

Then why is he complaining?

LostChild3887d ago

The same reason anyone else would complain.

Omegasyde3887d ago

Hey guys these maps take a while to create and test out.

I know I would be pist off if someone took my 2-3 weeks worth of work and packed in a game and sold it without giving me a dime.

Basically if the story is true...EPIC not only committed an act of thievery but of communism as well.

LostChild3887d ago

If Epic committed such an act, of just taking this guys work, it is a really sad thing for us up and coming creators. Hopefully this isn't case but nothing has come out on Epic's side about this yet...if it ever will.

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DomUltra3887d ago

Wow, ḟucking low Epic, I hope this is the beginning of your slow decline.

Xlll3887d ago

I hope it is a little quicker. I don't know about you but i'm so tired of the UE.

tehReaper3887d ago


You only say that because 360 is getting the better version of UT3.

The threat of Gears also made you come to a conclusion.

If you don't like the UE, don't buy games with it. You don't even need to be in this article. The article is trash anyway.

Xlll3886d ago

Threat of gears? Oh yes what will i ever do? With games like Haze MGS4 ffxiii kz2 rfom2 and the games sony has in store for us at E3 let alone the rest of the 08 line up. What will i do when faced with your one game this year?
Oh my bad sorry you also have Banjo Koozgay.

Ariexv3887d ago

The maps are NOTHING alike except the setting, the layout is completely different the only thing remotely similar is that they're both set in the arctic by an iceberg on a ship.... by that meaning I guess Infinity Ward stole his map as well for Shipment.

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